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Category: General / Humor

Moon Madness: 20 Photos of People Posing with The Moon and Having Fun

Fun with moon 1

Photography can be a lot of fun – if you know how to have fun, that is! People are always coming with creative ways to have fun with regular objects to spice up their photographs. People posing with the moon...

Artistic Toasts: 20 Pictures of Creatively Made Toast-art

Toast Art 2

There is no bound to the creativity of an artist. No matter what the canvas, an artist finds a way to create drawings on it. This applies to toasts too! Yes, what we eat everyday is also a canvas for...

15 Absolutely Awkward Moments That You Can Relate To

Squeeze past

Hilarious and quite literally practical even if some of these never happened with you....

The Best Of Irritating Car Alarm Rage Notes (14 Pics)

Car Alarm Notes - 1

Yeah, car alarms are one of the reasons that’ll get you in trouble.                              ...

23 Hilarious Graphs That You Can Relate To


I can relate a lot to these, I’m pretty sure you do as well.                                            ...

When Facebook Users Go Full Retard! (18 Pics)

Facebook Funniest - Thumbpress

Facebook is full of it, dumb people and more dumb people. Of course, there are some who are friends with these and never miss a single moment to humiliate them.   1. Pretending   2. Politely, Of course.   3....

The Prank That Ensures Hilarity (6 steps)

Stick Deodorant Prank - 1

It doesn’t matter that April 1st has passed, you can still piss off one of your friends with this practically hilarious prank. I know, I’m going to. Cheers Prankked ...

Shopping Bags, As Creative As It Gets (29 Pics)

Plastic Bags - 1

Only if I could get my hands on some of these. Imagining the fun I’ll have!                                                ...

Facebook Makes it Easy to Mess Up Your Relationships (21 Funny Pics)


Relationships are not easy. And when they’re on Facebook, they’re just a recipe for destruction. Your significant other or you can say something stupid and all on a public forum! Check out the following hilarious examples to know what I...