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Category: Rage Comics

Collection of Cereal Guy Rage Comics to Make You Spit Out Your Cereal


The Cereal Guy meme is highly entertaining. Thanks to the creativity of countless users who have propelled this meme into stardom, Cereal Guy and his spitting out of his cereal is now synonymous with surprise and shock. I decided to...

The Best of “Close Enough” Rage Face (15 Hilarious Pics)

Close enough

We tried our level best to make the most funniest rage face post but yeah... Close enough....

I See Dumb People. 17 Hilarious IT Rage Comics You Can Relate To


Why it’s better to pretend you don’t know anything about computers. But again, no one can save the tech support people from these type of people (look below).                        ...

5 Christmas Rage Comics to Make Santa Laugh


Santa has always freaked me out. An old dude with a big white beard asking children to sit on his lap is a bit odd to me. Thankfully there are excellent Santa rage comics out there that make me laugh...

33 Absolutely Hilarious Girlfriend Rage Comics Of All Time


I have to admit, most of the situations explained/drawn in these rage comics are pretty realistic and happens with most of us all the time. Have a fun time with this collection....