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Mario Balotelli – 25 Of The Most Funniest Photoshops

Mario Balotelli - The Photoshop Version - 2

Remember Mario Balotelli’s pose? yep, they photo-shopped him pretty good! presenting 25 of the most funniest edits.  ...

Hilarious Third World Skeptical Kid Meme That You’ll Definitely Love

Skeptical Third World Kid Meme - 1

I’m pretty sure you remember the Skeptical Baby and he definitely won our hearts and gave us a lots of laughs. Well, sit back and relax, bringing you a new skeptical third world kid meme. He’ll as awesome as it...

Fail Profile Pictures: The Russian Edition

Meanwhile In Russia - 1

Meanwhile in Russia, the profile pictures are going strong....

The Best Of Irritating Car Alarm Rage Notes (14 Pics)

Car Alarm Notes - 1

Yeah, car alarms are one of the reasons that’ll get you in trouble.                              ...

Angry Birds Land Theme Park Opened In Finland

Angry Birds Theme Park - 4

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? – looking at the popularity, Rovio Entertainment now has it’s own theme park, “Angry Birds Land”. They opened the Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland....

23 Hilarious Graphs That You Can Relate To


I can relate a lot to these, I’m pretty sure you do as well.                                            ...

When Facebook Users Go Full Retard! (18 Pics)

Facebook Funniest - Thumbpress

Facebook is full of it, dumb people and more dumb people. Of course, there are some who are friends with these and never miss a single moment to humiliate them.   1. Pretending   2. Politely, Of course.   3....

Horrifying Lightning Storm Over Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lightning - Thumbpress - 1

I would definitely shit my pants if I see this in real....

The Prank That Ensures Hilarity (6 steps)

Stick Deodorant Prank - 1

It doesn’t matter that April 1st has passed, you can still piss off one of your friends with this practically hilarious prank. I know, I’m going to. Cheers Prankked ...