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When Facebook Users Go Full Retard! (18 Pics)

Facebook is full of it, dumb people and more dumb people. Of course, there are some who are friends with these and never miss a single moment to humiliate them.


1. Pretending


2. Politely, Of course.


3. I’m with you on this! FYL


4. Rick Rolling, FAILED


5. Seriously, Nicole?


6. I’m with you, wait … WHAT?

7. And you think it’s romantic, right?

8. Kids these days

9. Yeah, why don’t they?

10. But mathematically..

11. Welcome to the internet

12. What, really?

13. Yes, really cute!

14. Never, EVER mess with your girlfriend’s farmville account!

15. I wonder why he’s alone.

16. There you go.

17. Here’s a picture I took when I was crying.

18. Wai U h8 lyfe?


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