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Category: General / Humor

This Woman Recreates Celebrities’ Instagram Photos. And It Is Hilarious!


Celeste Barber is a comedian and actor, and she is hilarious. She has been using her Instagram to post these really incredible parody photos of the pictures celebrities post of themselves on their social media. There are pictures of everyone...

15 Times The Customer Was Almost Right


A great customer service experience and a smooth, clean poop are two things that happen rarely in life. But when they do, they are two of the most pleasant, week-changing experiences known to humankind. Now, when customer service departments started...

16 First Date Texts That Won’t Lead To A Second


Between auto-correct, sending messages to your mom and dad that were meant for your lover, and the inept nature of a generation of adults with low social skills, there is no shortage of texting blunders that will make your crippling...

This Woman Had Her Body Photoshopped To Be “Beautiful” In 18 Different Countries.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have a beauty standard. We all know the girls we want to look like and the girls our boys tend to...