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Category: General / Humor

Dogs with Notes: The best of Dog Shaming (50 Funny Pictures)

Bad dog notes 21

These dogs were caught in the act of naughty deeds. In these pictures they are being punished with human-written description of the infraction....

Then And Now, Amazing How Things Have Changed (17 Pictures)

Then And Now 7

It is amazing how fast things have changed over the years. Take a look at some of these comparisons of the changes over the past couple decades. Here are things then and now. Pretty interesting and funny stuff. Most of...

20 Diagrams & Pictures of Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


I’ve come across some great reference charts recently that I wanted to share with you! From pasta, to photography, to glue to fabric yardage and on and on…..there’s something for everyone. Enjoy! Click on any image to see full size...

10 Epic North Pole Expeditions in History

North Pole Expeditions 1

The North Pole has always fascinated explorers as one of the world’s most inhospitable and remote environments. Situated in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the nearest land is over 400 miles away. Explorers attempting to reach it must contend...

20 Hilariously Creative Pizza Box Drawing Requests


Pizza companies are not without a sense of humor. Many companies that let you place an order online offer another pizza for any special instructions you have. Apparently a few people went a bit too far with their special instructions...

Gooby Pls: Top 10 Comics of Dolan Owning Gooby and Others in a Sick Way


Dolan has taken the internet by storm. When I first checked the Dolan comics out, I couldn’t make a single sense out of ANYTHING! But as soon as I learned to decipher the horrendously misspelled words and understand how adding...

Mario Balotelli – 25 Of The Most Funniest Photoshops

Mario Balotelli - The Photoshop Version - 2

Remember Mario Balotelli’s pose? yep, they photo-shopped him pretty good! presenting 25 of the most funniest edits.  ...