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Category: General / Humor

HERE I FIXED IT: Invisible cat activities made visible

Invisible Cat 01

Possibly the best reason to use Photoshop.                      ...

30 Hilarious Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana


Tons of WTF and OMG right in here.                                                          ...

Urban Hilarity – 20 First World Problems

First World Problems 00


10 Ridiculous Trends That Have Swept The Nation


Ridiculous trends come and go, but at some point, they’ve all had their moments in the sun. Check out some of the craziest trends that have taken the nation by storm. For even more Ridiculousness, tune into MTV on Monday,...

Photobombs – It’s Monday, Don’t Feel Like Working? Don’t! Here’s Your Inspiration Anyway!

Monday Photobombs  37

We present you these morning bombs, take these with morning coffee and have a good day at work =)                                          ...

Paul Yarrow: The Most Viewed Background-Man on Television

Professional Photobomber 04

Paul Yarrow is not a celebrity. He is a plain, regular-looking community worker originating from London. But he is probably the guy you have viewed most in the backgrounds of the TV reports you watch. From news reports to TV...

Winners and Losers from Roller Coasters (62 Pics)

People From Roller Coasters ThumbPress 47

Today we present you Roller Coaster picdump.. Moments when people make the most weird faces without knowing how they look.                                        ...

More Random Hilarious Comics and Cartoons to Keep You Rolling


A few days ago we complied a post with Collection of Random Hilarious Comics and Cartoons. Today we present you MOAR Random Hilarious Comics and Cartoons                            ...

Collection of Random Hilarious Comics and Cartoons to Keep You Rolling


Cartoonists put their creativity to work only to make us smile. If you’re having a slightly ‘off’ day, then don’t worry: we’ve got some brilliantly hilarious comics to share. Religion, superheroes, raunchiness – these strips cover everything! Check them all...