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Category: General / Humor

Graduation Messages, You’re Doing It Right (14 Pics)

Graduation - 1

I remember thinking hard when I had to give a message for my graduation book which everyone could remember me by. Well looks like these people did a better job.                    ...

The Best of Trolling: 15 Hilarious Images That Confirm Trolling is An Art

Everyday i am trollining

If you make a post on a forum, leave a comment on a Facebook post, or submit a question on Yahoo, you will most probably encounter internet trolls – a species that exists only bring you misery and usually, laughter....

Collection of Hilarious Memes About The 3 Most Typical College White Kids (15 Pics)


The rich white kids who focus on everything but academics in college – cliched, yes! But oh-so funny when the memes do it right! And in the following examples, the memes are certainly doing it right! Check out these hilarious...

Nigel Thornberry – Ruining Disney Movies, One Princess At a Time (13 GIF’s)

Wild thornberry - 1

The Wild Thornberrys is an American animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon and Nigel is ruining Disney movies, One Princess At a Time!                          ...

Maps Shall Expose: Google Maps Catches People in Hilarious Situations (20 Pics)

Babes caught in bikinis

With Google Maps and Street active, everybody knew it was only a matter of time before somebody doing a certain something was caught online. And publicized. Google Maps has, to date, caught numerous people in hilarious positions. Here to teach...

Dog & Cat GIFs Insanity: 10 Hilarious Cat’n’Dog GIFs to make you LOL


You can’t help but LOL at the things cats and dogs do. Cats will keep at something for hours and dogs will too; in the end, nobody will learn what they were trying to do! I thought to do a...

15 Hilarious Examples Why You Should Not Befriend Your Parents on Facebook


If you have added your mom or dad on Facebook, remove them NOW. Facebook is a place purely for friends. Adding your parents will result in inexplicably stupid, pwned, and embarrassing situations. Need proof? Just check out the 15 hilarious...

Catoxication: 15 Hilarious Pictures of Cats Drinking or Drunk


Cats. They do funny things. And when you let them around beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage, hilarious results are guaranteed! I decided to gather a few pictures of cats mixing fun with alcohol and show them to...

Facebook Fiascos: 15 of the Worst Facebook Fails to Make You LOL

facebook fiascos thumb

Although Facebook is a highly convenient way for people to keep in touch with their loved ones, sometimes the sharing we do on Facebook can have disastrous results! Updating your status badmouthing your boss without realizing that your boss in...