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Category: General / Humor

Silly Superheroes: 15 Hilarious Pictures of Superheroes being awesomely silly


Batman, Spiderman, Superman… the list of our favorite superheroes is a long one. But while most of them fight injustice, they always do it with a sense of humor. From comic books we can find countless panels that, on their...

Your Required Dosage of Demotivation – 21 Hilarious Posters


Have you been inspired a bit too much? Are you feeling like you want to take on everything? Well, we’ve got just the cure. Here are some excellent posters to demotivate you and make you LOL. Check them out.  ...

15 Awesome and Funny Movie Gifs


We haven’t done GIF post in quite a while, here goes well needed overdue GIF post! Have a nice funny time sailor.                            ...

25 Pictures of The Most Comfortably Uncomfortable First World Problems


In Africa, they don’t have bread to eat. BUT WHY DOES THAT HAVE TO MEAN THAT THE CHEESE IN MY BURGER IS ESCAPING THE BUNS’ OUTLINE?                            ...

15 Extremely Funny Facebook Status Messages


Yes please keep on doing that, never think before updating your status messages so good people like us get unlimited chances to laugh our bums off.                            ...

25 Random “Sarcastic” Funny Short Letters


To whom these may concern....

Best of “Repressed Suburban Father” Meme (15 Pics)


I aspire to be him if i ever go suburban.                                ...

25 Hilarious Real Life Definitions of Common Words and Phrases


Oh, So that’s what that really means..                                                 (Via)...

Funny Animals Are Even Funnier With These Captions (27 Pics)