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Category: Awesomeness

18 Honest Versions of Popular Logos


True that!                                    ...

Astonishing Photographs of Animals in the Womb


These graphic and truly astonishing embryonic animal photographs are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”. The show’s producer, Peter Chinn, used a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture...

Aliens Among Us – Incredibly Close-up Microscopic Photos of Insects

Insect Microscopic Shot 17

Scientific photographer Steve Gschmeissner, 61, from Bedford, uses a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to magnify his favourite specimens by up to a million times. The results show incredibly detailed images of creepy crawlies in 3D. The SEM is far more...

This Is Not Your Ordinary Wedding Photo Shoot

Zombie Wedding Photoshoot 12

When Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee got married they decided to take their wedding photos up a notch.                      ...

Totally Random Stuff I Don’t Need But Kinda Want… (40 Photos)



11 Hilarious Clichés, Graphs and Charts that Makes Fun of Predictable Movies

NYILFF pra Guardar

When the New York International Latino Film Festival wanted to get their point across that movies and films are drastically different, they worked with Wing agency in New York to create some hilarious posters that makes fun of movies. Simply...

Alien Spaceship in Stealth Mode – Or Probably Just Clouds


Not sure if Alien invasion or just nature trying to scare me. Whatever, I think beautiful is the word.       (via)...

Behind The Scenes Photos From 23 Awesome Movies

Behind The Scenes ThumbPress 21

Great movies always make us forget that it is actually a movie we are watching; the scenes dissolve us within them and we no longer keep in mind that the roles are being played by actors and the sights we...

The Best Moments From Comic-Con 2011


So much babes, so much eye candy.. i am so confused what to like and what not to.. because in general, this my friend is called geek heaven!                        ...