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Category: Awesomeness

25 Epic Photographs of Breathtaking Landscapes

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Our Earth is a beautiful place. Unfortunately most of us do not have the resources to personally visit all places on our planet and see what beauty they have to offer. That is where pictures come into play. Check out...

50 Pictures Capturing the Beauty of Eiffel Tower from Different Perspectives


The Eiffel tower is a wonderful structure that attracts tourists from around the globe. Located in Paris, France the tower was formed in 1889 and has been an unparalleled attraction ever since. At night time lights on the tower are...

20 Breathtaking Fireworks to Get You Into the New Year’s Spirit


Fireworks have always been a symbol of joy. In the past they were all about noise and a light in the sky. But now, these fireworks are about making pretty light patterns in the sky. Today’s fireworks shoot up in...

20 Ideas that Help Get Creative with Your Christmas Tree


People normally head out in the holidays, buy their Christmas tree, and then light it up. Every year they follow the same preparation without ever trying anything new. This year, I hope you all try out something new by having...

21 of the Cutest and Yummiest looking Christmas Cakes


Since I was out of town then, I celebrated Christmas last year with a friend’s family. I was surprised to see that didn’t have a Christmas Cake tradition, unlike my own family. So for my friend and everybody out there,...

50 Geeky Street Art Pieces Brimming With Awesomeness


On my list of all things cool, street art is on top, right next to playing the guitar like Jimmy Page. The fun thing about street art is that there aren’t any restrictions. You can be anybody and have anything...

How to Make a Zombie in 5 Steps


Halloween is long gone but crew of Walking Dead gave me a perfect inspiration for next year’s Halloween costume.          ...

30 Badass Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween (Pics)


Halloween is not too far away, don't worry if you are short on pumpkin carving ideas this season. We have compiled the most badass cool looking carved pumpkins for your inspiration....

The Lion King: Original Concept Art


Last week Lion King 3D hit theaters, so we wanted to bring you some of very cool concept art from the original production.                   Cheers LA Time...