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Category: Awesomeness

Magnificent Mountains: Retreat to these Beautiful Mountains to Cool Off in the Summer


For me, the mountains are synonyms with bliss. You are high up there, with nothing else to distract you but the amazing beauty of nature. Considering the summer heat, I would love nothing more than to retreat to the mountains...

Amazing Nimbus: 25 Breathtaking Photographs of Beautiful Cloud Formation

Amazing cloud formations 5

When you look at clouds, you find the most interesting of shapes. The layers of white and gray overlap each other beautifully and result in amazing cloud formations. Today we shall share with you all some such formations through their...

25 Amazing Pictures Depicting the Beauty of New York City

New York City Pictures 24

New York is one city everybody in the world would want to visit. There is not a single thing that one cannot find in that busy city. From being the business capital of the world to being home to numerous...

12 Beautiful Clear Water Beaches and Lakes You Should Visit This Summer

Maiga Island at Semporna Sea, Sabah 1

With summer already here, a lot of you must be facing an insane amount of heat. To cool things off, consider taking a trip to a beach. But not just any beach: take a trip to one of the following...

Everyday Pleasures: 30 Little Things That Feel Real Good

Wearing shorts for the first time of the season

Nothing compares to the great feeling of peeling the plastic off something new you bought. Similarly their are countless other everyday things that make us smile and feel good for unexplainable reasons. We’ve collected them all together; read about them...

15 Awesome Photographs of Animals Posing for The Camera

Naughty little thing

We have compiled many cute animals posts in the past and you guys have always appreciated the idea of random cuteness but this time we decided to come up with something that is more of professional photography yet entertaining. In this post,...

Angry Birds Land Theme Park Opened In Finland

Angry Birds Theme Park - 4

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? – looking at the popularity, Rovio Entertainment now has it’s own theme park, “Angry Birds Land”. They opened the Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland....

23 Hilarious Graphs That You Can Relate To


I can relate a lot to these, I’m pretty sure you do as well.                                            ...

20 Awesome Motivational Quotes to Help You Start Exercise and Work Out


Often to get inspired, you need to remind yourself of the end-results of your labors. When it comes to working out, you need to see what the end-results of your healthy self are going to look like. Here to help...