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Category: Awesomeness

Pictures of 23 Unbelievably Beautiful Places On Earth

Black Forest, Germany

This is exactly why we need to start being more environmentally conscious! (Click on images to view High Definition version) Antelope Canyon, USA Bamboo Forest, China Black Forest, Germany Canola Flower Field, China Fields of Tea, China Hang Son Doong,...

Dad Draws On Kids’ Sandwich Bags, Makes Your Mom’s “I Love You!” Notes Even Less Cool

Cool sandwich bag drawings 3

Graphic Designer David LaFerriere has been drawing on his children’s sandwich bags — and documenting his work on Flickr — since 2008. See tons more awesome examples at the artist’s Flickr page. Found via BuzzFeed...

These Pencil Drawings Will Blow Your Mind (8 Pictures)

Real looking pencil drawings 1

It seems a lot of people are not convinced graphite pencil could do the magic as photograph. In this post, I consolidated 8 mind-blowing pencil drawings by Charlie that will surely confuse you. Click on the images to see full...

Several Style Inspirations You Can Take From Disney Princesses (21 GIFs)

4. If you want a Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark, you can always DIY it.

The right dress can make you feel really great. REALLY great. Really, REALLY great.   If you want a Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark, you can always DIY it.   Tie your hair up in a topknot to keep it out...

Behind the scenes of Harry Potter movie (23 Pictures)


Rare and very interesting behind the scene photos of Harry Potter movies....