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Category: Awesomeness

30 Photos of Nature to Make You Wish for a Vacation


If you’re like me, you like the indoors. You have to. Most of your work is done sitting in front of a computer screen. But when pictures like these pop up on the internet, you can’t help but wish for...

If Our Favorite Male Superheros Were Sexy Women


Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman – all my favorite superheros are men. Somehow while creating an awesome superhero, the comic book writer always chooses the male gender. But the truth is that if these superheros were all women, not only would...

35+ Amazing Photos of Ice Bergs You Should See


I know that Titanic made a lot of people afraid of icebergs but the fact is that icebergs are arguably the most beautiful natural structures. Unfortunately due to global warming many icebergs are melting and fading away. We cannot ‘save’...

20 Perfectly Timed Photos of Animals Fighting


We all know what “fighting like an animal” means. But have every actually seen an animal fight? To say the least, these battles can be gruesome. Check out the following 20 pictures that were shot with perfect timing. These pictures...