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25 Epic Photographs of Breathtaking Landscapes

Our Earth is a beautiful place. Unfortunately most of us do not have the resources to personally visit all places on our planet and see what beauty they have to offer. That is where pictures come into play. Check out the following breathtaking pictures of beautiful landscapes from around the world.

Click on photos to see higher resolution version.

1. Grand Canyon

Photograph by Muchilu

2. France to Chamonix

Photograph by Ambre De l’AlPe

3. Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland

Photographer Unknown (Photo Source)

4. Erupting Volcano with Aurora, Iceland

Photograph by James Appleton

5. Patagonia Landscape

Photograph by Dmitry Arkhipov

6. Orange Reef

Photograph by Glenn Crouch

7. Camel Rock Beach

Photograph by Monster Micky

8 Milky Way Over Jackson Lake

Photograph by Royce

9. Nazca Desert

Photograph by ilkerender

10. Ancient Rome

Photograph by Marianna Safronova

11. Up North

Photographer Unknown (Photo Source)

12 The Lighthouse

Photograph by Robert Beideman

13. Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe

Photograph by Joshua Cripps

14. Valley of Fire Wave

Photograph by Brent McGuirt

15. Venice

Photograph by CubaGallery

16. Nebula

Photograph by Jeddaka

17. Fly Geyser in Nevada

Photograph by jmtenne

18. California Coast

Photograph by oilfighter

19. Black Beach. Iceland

Photograph by Sergey Rumyantsev

20. Alaskan Winter Sunset

Photographer Unknown

21. Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland

Photograph by KristjánFreyr

22. Libyan Desert

Photographer Unknown

23. Lagos, Portugal

Photograph by lichtmaedel

24. Moon and Venus Over Switzerland

Photograph by David Kaplan

25. Travis County, Texas

Photograph by Dave Wilson

Thumbnail Image Credit Michael Avina


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