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Aliens Among Us – Incredibly Close-up Microscopic Photos of Insects

Scientific photographer Steve Gschmeissner, 61, from Bedford, uses a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to magnify his favourite specimens by up to a million times. The results show incredibly detailed images of creepy crawlies in 3D.

The SEM is far more powerful than regular light microscopes that can only magnify by up to 1000 times. It builds extreme close-ups of anything that can fit inside the 4ft high device by bombarding it with electrons. The electrons send back messages which help to build up a super-accurate image – revealing every tiny feature of the insects’ bodies down to the last hair – in spectacular fashion.

Included in the ugly mix are a common house fly sticking out its tongue, human flea and honey bee. Steve chose insects because of the incredible shapes and patterns making up their bodies. (DailyMail)






















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