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Category: WTF & FAIL

Horrifying Lightning Storm Over Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lightning - Thumbpress - 1

I would definitely shit my pants if I see this in real....

A Treat for All Twilight-Haters (10 Sarcastic Posters)

Lights out

The Twilight phenomenon has taken over theaters like a storm. While I and countless other fail to see the appeal of a gay sparkling vampire and a young girl who has to choose between bestiality and necrophilia, there is a big number...

WTF Pic Dump – Photos in Extreme Need of Context

Hangin like a boss

The internet is a beautiful place. Contributing majorly to this beauty are “WTF photos” that make absolutely no sense. Perhaps if they were accompanied by their context, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t be so weird. We gathered a few WTF...

15 Pictures of How Not To Parent Your Kid

passed out baby

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have children – it’s that simple. Yet, they do reproduce. And when they do, the following is what happens: Blowing my daughter   Duct tape baby   Father 0 – Kid 1  ...

25 Funny Photos of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Nobody move...I dropped a contact

Some of these images reach the height of extreme WTF and literally scream for an explanation....

Family Vacations – The Awkward Style (25 Pics)


There and back again? ehh                                                   These pictures were collected from Awkward Family Photos...

11 Epic Photoshop FAIL from Social Networks

Fail From Social Networks 02

Everybody wants to look good in photos, but not everybody does. Check out these master pieces where people tried to look cool by totally failing at Photoshop.                    ...

The Daily Diet Of The Woman Who Hopes To Be The Fattest Person In History

Susan Eman and her two sons stock up for that day's meal.

Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona—currently weighing in at 720 pounds—hopes to become the fattest woman of all time and surpass the standing record of 1,600 pounds. Here is what she eats EVERY DAY to try and shatter that record. It’s a 21,962...

Bear Attacks Cows & Learns Getting Beef Isn’t Easy

Getting Beef Ain't Easy Son 03

This kid bear has a lot to learn about hunting. One must never hunt something larger than itself, and certainly not when one is outnumbered. But perhaps overwhelmed by hunger this bear decided to go against its better judgement and...