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WTF Pic Dump – Photos in Extreme Need of Context

The internet is a beautiful place. Contributing majorly to this beauty are “WTF photos” that make absolutely no sense. Perhaps if they were accompanied by their context, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t be so weird. We gathered a few WTF Pictures in extreme need of context and are sharing them below.

Best flavor ever


Real life Centaur


Even transformers poop




The Pursuit of Happiness


Hangin like a boss


Not sure if planking or stuck


Must be uncomfortable


Try wearing that


Seriously Korea wtf


Looks legit


Superman finds god


They see me rollin


Twilight crap has gone way too far


V for Vatever


Wanna check out my barbie collection?


Water fight


Why Japan why


Wonder why this guy like bananas


WTF is that?


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