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25 Funny Photos of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Some of these images reach the height of extreme WTF and literally scream for an explanation. For more lol-worthy stuff make sure you subscribe to ThumbPress =3

At this point pants really arent worth the effort


Baby is VERY happy to be here


Graduated and Ready to be Hired


Ho Ho Oh No…


I think there’s a penis – I mean rip in your leggings


A Halloween that poor child will never forget


I’d Like to Know What Game She’s Playing


It’s Important to Always Wear Head Protection


Keep your damn clam on a leash ladies


No I Will Not Pick You Up


Nobody move…I dropped a contact


Not sure if racist against self


Oh Lemmy


Oh San Francisco


Pink Sperm Hats Are All The Rage


Someone really needed a Big Mac


Sometimes men want to be taller and uncomfortable too


Taking Poodle Skirt To A Whole New Level


The Dress That Keeps You Dry Everafter


The leopard and its leopard child in their natural habitat


The newest way to sag your jeans


Those eyes follow me no matter where I go…


Time for some new pants buddy


Whats thong with this picture


Umm maam there’s something wrong with your shirt…


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