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Category: WTF & FAIL

Joffrey Baratheon Looks Exactly Like A Cruel Roman Leader

Joffrey Baratheon Look alike 1

The cruel and insane Caligula, Roman Emperor from 37 AD to 41 AD. Caligula was assassinated by officers of the Praetorian Guard. Many Game of Thrones fans wish the same fate for Joffrey....

“When you see it” – 25 Photos You Need To Look Again To Understand

This is not a pair of well-dressed conjoined twins.

Watch your step. A lot of WTFs on the way. This is not a young woman carrying a young man. This is not a woman with a foot for a hand. This is not a tiny baby with fully grown...

They’re watching you!! – Finding Weird Faces in Inanimate Objects

shredding bin is out to get me

Have you ever stared at your toasted bread and found that it was staring back at you? Well, me neither. But sometimes inanimate things can uncannily take the shape of a face and stare at you with an expression of...

Fail Profile Pictures: The Russian Edition

Meanwhile In Russia - 1

Meanwhile in Russia, the profile pictures are going strong....

The Best Of Irritating Car Alarm Rage Notes (14 Pics)

Car Alarm Notes - 1

Yeah, car alarms are one of the reasons that’ll get you in trouble.                              ...

When Facebook Users Go Full Retard! (18 Pics)

Facebook Funniest - Thumbpress

Facebook is full of it, dumb people and more dumb people. Of course, there are some who are friends with these and never miss a single moment to humiliate them.   1. Pretending   2. Politely, Of course.   3....

Top 10 Bizarre iPhone Apps You Wouldn’t Believe Exist


Mobile phones have become so smart, every now and then they can afford to be stupid. Apple’s app store led the way in useful applications for your mobile such as google maps and personal organizers. However the market is now...