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Category: WTF & FAIL

The Funniest News Headlines Of All Time (20 Pics)

The Funniest News Headlines Of All Time 11

News stories that will make you go, ‘Huh?’...

The Biggest WTF & Fails From McDonald’s — 20 Pics

1. Andy Dick protesting at a Chicago McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, At McDonald’s… Andy Dick protesting at a Chicago McDonald’s. Earlier this year In Japan and Korea, when McDonald’s temporarily lowered the price of fries, kids had “potato parties” Honey Poo-Poo Their European tagline is- “Come As You Are.” So...

Behold, The Most Beautiful Man You’ll Ever See (22 Pics)

1. Meet Ahmed Angel.

Ahmed Angel must’ve been sent down from heaven to model for us, and he is 100% perfect. Meet Ahmed Angel. He’s an international male model. He’s very CGI. That’s Completely Gorgeous Individual. Here he is hanging out on a post-apocalyptic beach....

Genius or Stupid You Decide! (20 Pics)

Genius or Stupid? 1

People are awesome, that’s all I have to say!...

15 Of The Most Awkward High-Fives In The History Of Human Hands

Funny and Awkward High Fives 2

Pulling off a high-five can be more difficult than you think.   How to pull off a perfect High-Five, every time Assume the position. You should be facing your buddy, and a little off to your left. This is so...

17 Hysterical Job Titles Spotted on TV That Will Crack You Up

Funny Job Titles 3

Job descriptions and titles are usually one’s claim to fame, but the job titles in this gallery are guaranteed to make you do a double-take....

11 Panoramic Photo Fails That Will Freak You Out

Panoramic Photo Fails 4

Taking good pictures is a really tricky skill to perfect, yet when photos are shot correctly, they can be awesome. (See: photobombs and perfectly-timed versions). But there is a bright side to photography failure — sometimes it can create a...