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Saturday Would Not Be Complete Without A Generous Serving Of Reaction GIFs

Whenever I’m singing along to the radio and have to stop at the lights

After a night of drinking, my reaction when I see all the text messages I sent the night before After I stepped on my cats tail and trying comfort him afterwards Talking to my mom on the phone Waiting till...

Catlicious Caturday: Your necessary dose of Cat GIFs is here

Oh yeah its fun

Cats are perhaps the funniest of all pets. And thanks to the magic of GIFs, we can now pack cute little cat-doings in a GIF animation and serve it up to you. Check out the following hilarious cat GIFs to...

Dose of Trivia: 25 Fascinating Facts to Increase your Knowledge


If trivia and random truths interests you then we’ve got a massive dose of weird facts for you. You’ll find range of weird and interest facts that you can start conversations with your friends with! Here you go: (Image Source)...

50 Most Awesome Movie Inspired Tattoos


Tattoos are a form of self-expression. They represent something a person feels strongly about. After all, a tattoo remains with your forever. So it becomes extra-awesome when somebody decides to pay homage to a certain movie by getting a tattoo...

Bert Kreischer and His Pranks on Hotel Maids


Standup comedian Bert Kreischer is a frequent traveler. He often has to check into hotels during his travels. Being a comedian, Bert has a terrific sense of humor that makes him pull a prank on the hotel maids. Whenever Bert...