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20 Awesome Car Movies of All Time

If you’re like me, you love movies about cars. I’m not talking about racing movies, but any movie that has cars as an important element of the plot. Below you will find a list of 20 watch-worthy car movies. I’ve decided to exclude racing car movies since that list would simply be too long.

Check out the list below and watch the movies you have missed.

1. Transformers – IMDB

2. Death Proof – IMDB

3. Death Race – IMDB

4. Wheels of Terror – IMDB

5. Maximum Overdrive – IMDB

6. The Car – IMDB

7. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior – IMDB

8. Duel – IMDB

9. Dead End – IMDB

10. Christine – IMDB

11. Jeepers Creepers – IMDB

12. Black Cadillac – IMDB

13. Doomsday – IMDB

14. The Hitcher – IMDB

15. Highway Men – IMDB

16. Mad Max: Beiyond Thunderdome – IMDB

17. The Wraith – IMDB

18. The Hearse – IMDB

19. The Cars That Ate Paris – IMDB

20. Trucks – IMDB

From the above list, I highly recommend that you watch Black Cadillac and Death Proof if you have not watched them already.


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