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Tag: WTF

21 Ultra Hilarious & Awkward Text Conversations Made on iPhone


Forget autocorrects baby, Awkward text conversations is the new black!!                                        ...

Compilation of the best “15-second” videos on the internet

Compilation of the best “15-second” videos on the internet

[yframe url=’’]...

They’re watching you!! – Finding Weird Faces in Inanimate Objects

shredding bin is out to get me

Have you ever stared at your toasted bread and found that it was staring back at you? Well, me neither. But sometimes inanimate things can uncannily take the shape of a face and stare at you with an expression of...

Horny Harry: Hilarious Harry Potter Memes that make Hermoine Cringe (20 Pics)


The Harry Potter movies have been the victim of countless hilarious memes. The most notable of all these is by far the “Horny Harry” meme in which a perverted Harry makes Hermoine cringe in different situations. Check out the most...

Facebook Fiascos: 15 of the Worst Facebook Fails to Make You LOL

facebook fiascos thumb

Although Facebook is a highly convenient way for people to keep in touch with their loved ones, sometimes the sharing we do on Facebook can have disastrous results! Updating your status badmouthing your boss without realizing that your boss in...

A Treat for All Twilight-Haters (10 Sarcastic Posters)

Lights out

The Twilight phenomenon has taken over theaters like a storm. While I and countless other fail to see the appeal of a gay sparkling vampire and a young girl who has to choose between bestiality and necrophilia, there is a big number...

WTF Pic Dump – Photos in Extreme Need of Context

Hangin like a boss

The internet is a beautiful place. Contributing majorly to this beauty are “WTF photos” that make absolutely no sense. Perhaps if they were accompanied by their context, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t be so weird. We gathered a few WTF...

15 Pictures of How Not To Parent Your Kid

passed out baby

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have children – it’s that simple. Yet, they do reproduce. And when they do, the following is what happens: Blowing my daughter   Duct tape baby   Father 0 – Kid 1  ...

25 Funny Photos of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Nobody move...I dropped a contact

Some of these images reach the height of extreme WTF and literally scream for an explanation....