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Tag: Photography

10 Epic North Pole Expeditions in History

North Pole Expeditions 1

The North Pole has always fascinated explorers as one of the world’s most inhospitable and remote environments. Situated in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the nearest land is over 400 miles away. Explorers attempting to reach it must contend...

Magnificent Mountains: Retreat to these Beautiful Mountains to Cool Off in the Summer


For me, the mountains are synonyms with bliss. You are high up there, with nothing else to distract you but the amazing beauty of nature. Considering the summer heat, I would love nothing more than to retreat to the mountains...

10 Pictures that Brought Significant Changes in the World

10. Dali Atomicus

Normally people consider photographers to be people who shoot products and models for magazines. What most people do not realize is that photographers are the people who deliver us pictures of poverty, warzones, and parts of our world in trouble...

Moon Madness: 20 Photos of People Posing with The Moon and Having Fun

Fun with moon 1

Photography can be a lot of fun – if you know how to have fun, that is! People are always coming with creative ways to have fun with regular objects to spice up their photographs. People posing with the moon...

Amazing Nimbus: 25 Breathtaking Photographs of Beautiful Cloud Formation

Amazing cloud formations 5

When you look at clouds, you find the most interesting of shapes. The layers of white and gray overlap each other beautifully and result in amazing cloud formations. Today we shall share with you all some such formations through their...

25 Amazing Pictures Depicting the Beauty of New York City

New York City Pictures 24

New York is one city everybody in the world would want to visit. There is not a single thing that one cannot find in that busy city. From being the business capital of the world to being home to numerous...

15 Awesome Photographs of Animals Posing for The Camera

Naughty little thing

We have compiled many cute animals posts in the past and you guys have always appreciated the idea of random cuteness but this time we decided to come up with something that is more of professional photography yet entertaining. In this post,...

25 Epic Photographs of Breathtaking Landscapes

0. Thumbnail

Our Earth is a beautiful place. Unfortunately most of us do not have the resources to personally visit all places on our planet and see what beauty they have to offer. That is where pictures come into play. Check out...

50 Pictures Capturing the Beauty of Eiffel Tower from Different Perspectives


The Eiffel tower is a wonderful structure that attracts tourists from around the globe. Located in Paris, France the tower was formed in 1889 and has been an unparalleled attraction ever since. At night time lights on the tower are...