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Super Awesome Pic Dump of The Day (25 Funny Pics)

Before text messages.

Best reaction to seeing Justin Bieber kissing anyone.

Bill Gates, the criminal.

Celebrities aging gracefully.

Eating cotton candy backwards.

Everyone thinks I'm overdramatic...

Faith in Celebrities Refound

Father of the year is on vacation.

Found this in my freezer...

Grumpy Cat watches Titanic.

If he can smile, so can you.

James Bond doing James Bond things.

Jennifer Lawrence on point.

KFC - The rest of the logo.

Playing with your cat — Expectations vs. Reality

Professional soccer in a nutshell

The difference between campaigning and having the job

The first date bench.

The man has a point...

Tickle tickle..

Well played dad, well played.

When I'm really into a novel.

Why is that dog wearing glasses?

Why there are no Gentlemen today

Will you go to prom with me?


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