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What It Feels Like To Spend 70 Years With A Woman

True Love

A 94 years old man replied when somebody asked: What is your best memory with your wife? “When you spend 70 years of your life with a woman, you don’t have a memory. It’s all a memory. There’s no defining moments,...

12 Pro Tips You Didn’t Know That Will Help You With Everyday Problems

1. Peeling a banana

1. Keeping your boots in shape Put glass bottles in them to preserve the shape and keep them looking new.   2. Eating an ice cream cone To prevent your ice cream cone from dripping (and also prevent sadness), put...

12 Delicious Looking GIFs That Will Make You Hungry! Instantly!!

Tasty Cheeze Sandwich

Okay now stop drooling and make a trip to the kitchen or maybe check your fridge.....

27 Things About Love We Learned From “The Simpsons”

2. But they can be as easy as making breakfast.

The longest running sitcom is also one of the most romantic. 1. Grand gestures sometimes involve a little property damage. 2. But they can be as easy as making breakfast. 3. Or wearing a ridiculous costume. 4. You know what?...

Oh, the irony! 30 Funny Ironic Pictures

Funny Ironic Pictures 3

Very few actual examples of irony, but several of these had me giddy with laughter....

20 Easy & Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

How to make use of cracked iPhone

What exactly is a “life hack”? It’s any simple tip you might stumble upon that changes your life or at least some aspect of it. It’s basically a trick that will help make life easier. Life hacks aren’t easy to...