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25 Random “Sarcastic” Funny Short Letters


To whom these may concern....

FYI The Cuties Are Taking Over the World REAL SOON!! (25 Pics)

never leave me

We haven’t done “Cute” post in a while, so here you go with a well needed full fledge doze of cuteness.                                      ...

“Pepper Spray Cop” is Now Officially a Meme (25 Pics)


My my, look at the time! It’s half past pepper spray! There is absolutely nothing funny about a cop pepper blasting peaceful protesters right into the faces but these memes definitely cracked me up pretty bad. I do not mean to...

Best of “Repressed Suburban Father” Meme (15 Pics)


I aspire to be him if i ever go suburban.                                ...

How to Make a Zombie in 5 Steps


Halloween is long gone but crew of Walking Dead gave me a perfect inspiration for next year’s Halloween costume.          ...

25 Hilarious Real Life Definitions of Common Words and Phrases


Oh, So that’s what that really means..                                                 (Via)...

33 Absolutely Hilarious Girlfriend Rage Comics Of All Time


I have to admit, most of the situations explained/drawn in these rage comics are pretty realistic and happens with most of us all the time. Have a fun time with this collection....

30 Badass Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween (Pics)


Halloween is not too far away, don't worry if you are short on pumpkin carving ideas this season. We have compiled the most badass cool looking carved pumpkins for your inspiration....

The Phone Dog: Hilarious Meme Remixes (9 Pics)


It all started with a single picture and ended with several lol worthy remixes over No matter how many time I read “HELLO.. YES, THIS IS DOG” I find it cute and funny.   The Original  ...