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Recent Posts by Editorial Staff

45 Pictures of Super Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks


Amusement parks are a place for fun. Rides, children, taffy – all add up to a wonderful time. But ‘abandoned’ amusement parks an entirely different story. There’s something eerily disturbing about an empty amusement park with nothing but rides in...

McDonald’s Latest Offering: McHorror


McHorror is McDonald’s only meal that you get an option to downsize....

The Abandoned Parts of New Orleans Haunts Me


In 2005 a violent hurricane devastated New Orleans. While America has done its best to help the people of New Orleans since, there are parts of the city that have been abandoned. This darker side of New Orleans have been...

Top Public Pillow Fights from Around the World


Around the world, numerous cities have public-pillow fighting events. These awesome events have people gathering on the streets and hitting each other with pillows. Find below images of these fights. And keep an eye out for the hot girl in...

Soldiers Embarrassingly Fainting At Unusual Places


I can’t even imagine how embarrassed these soldiers were after they came to and realize that they had fainted. But embarrassing for them = funny for us! 😀   Apparently this isn’t anything new. Check out the following pictures from...

21 Best Examples of Unintentional P*rn


You can’t blame these entirely on my dirty mind…...

13 Hilariously Bad Spiderman Animation Frames


I’ve been watching Spiderman long before Tobey McGuire ruined him in the movies. But even before Toby, the animators of Spiderman cartoons hurt Spidey’s image a good number of times through their bad animations. Why do I call them bad?...

The Best of ATM Fails


One wouldn’t guess ATMs to be the place the silliest and funniest stuff happens. But a few banks place their ATM machine in weird spots. When people try to use these ATMs, the results are hilarious. Check out our collection...

The Best of Cheerleader Fails


Cheerleaders. Football would be so boring without them. I’d particularly miss all those funny cheerleader Fail moments when they make asses out of themselves. Check out the pictures below if you want to know what I’m talking about. Okay that...