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Hot Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Sing “Call Me Maybe”

Hot Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Sing “Call Me Maybe”

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Compilation of the best “15-second” videos on the internet

Compilation of the best “15-second” videos on the internet

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Moving Motivation: 15 Inspirational Pictorial Quotes to Help You Start Exercising

You won't regret it

Are you like most computer who prefer staying indoors and eating chocolate to getting out and exercising? Do you feel the need to exercise but cannot find the motivation to do so? If yes, then you need to have a...

Everyday Pleasures: 30 Little Things That Feel Real Good

Wearing shorts for the first time of the season

Nothing compares to the great feeling of peeling the plastic off something new you bought. Similarly their are countless other everyday things that make us smile and feel good for unexplainable reasons. We’ve collected them all together; read about them...

They’re watching you!! – Finding Weird Faces in Inanimate Objects

shredding bin is out to get me

Have you ever stared at your toasted bread and found that it was staring back at you? Well, me neither. But sometimes inanimate things can uncannily take the shape of a face and stare at you with an expression of...

15 Awesome Photographs of Animals Posing for The Camera

Naughty little thing

We have compiled many cute animals posts in the past and you guys have always appreciated the idea of random cuteness but this time we decided to come up with something that is more of professional photography yet entertaining. In this post,...

15 Absolutely Awkward Moments That You Can Relate To

Squeeze past

Hilarious and quite literally practical even if some of these never happened with you....