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25 Awesome Pictures Of Skylines From Around The World

A skyline is best described as the overall or partial view of city’s tall buildings and structures consisting of many skyscrapers in front of the sky in the background. Check out these amazing photos from around the world, which includes New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong and more.

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Sydney Australia

3. Singapore

4. Sibiu, Romania

5. Seattle, United States

6. Sao Paulo, Brazil

7. Rome, Italy

8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

9. Philadelphia, United States

10. Paris, France

11. Paris, France

12. New York, United States

13. New York, United States

14. Moscow, Russia

15. Melbourne. Australia

16. Malaga, Spain

17. Lviv, Ukraine

18. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19. Frankfurt, Germany

20. Frankfurt, Germany

21. Dubai, UAE

22. Dubai, UAE

23. Damascus, Syria

24. Brisbane, Australia

25. Bangkok, Thailand

Sources: Flickr, 1x, Reddit


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