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16 Things That Gave You Massive Trust Issues

1. The time you watched your girlfriend transform before your eyes

2. The time your hopes soared to new heights, and crashed just as quickly

3. The time you expected cookies in the goddamn butter cookie tin

4. The time you couldn't even trust the ground beneath your feet

5. The time she sent you a pic and it turned out to be a sham

6. And finally, the time you realized that you couldn't even trust your father

7. The time you played the worst version of muffin roulette EVER

8. The time you thought those pretty yellow roses were treats

9. The time you went in for deliciousness and got this frankenfood instead

10. The time your nurse played a cruel, cruel joke

The time a cop car had the license plate 'NOTACOP'

The time Lay's tried to pull the wool over your eyes

The time Lorde looked like two totally different people

The time Rick Astley destroyed your idealistic views on love

The time you didn't get what you asked for

The time you ordered chicken and got this abomination instead


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