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16 Things That Every Girl Has Experienced

1. You can catch me wearing black sweatpants

2. Don't talk to me

3. Boy are you in for a treat!

4. No one will notice this, right

5. Whatever 4ever

6. Whenever I do my makeup

7. And you just spent all this time telling your friend what a jerk their ex was....

8 Literally every time I eat a salad

9. If your friend isn't coming to school today, what's the point

10. The chairdrobe exists in every girl's room

How it feels when you spend money on food

Trying to tweeze your eyebrows

When people ask why you have so many hair and makeup products

When someone asks where you got something from

When you shave your legs cause you think you're gonna wear a skirt and then you wear pants instead.

When you want to wear an outfit but it's cold outside and you don't have a jacket that goes


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