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10 ways how technology has taken over our lives

Keep your phone away, carry only cash in your wallet, disable your wifi and forget about your laptop for a week. Sounds impossible and too fancy to attempt Here’s a look into what would life be or was until any of it existed!

10. How you share

Remember those days when you had to burn a CD on your computer and also go through the ordeal of not being able to finish it off as one because electricity would go off mid way and then the whole burning would start all over again? Of course, you don’t. It is in those little things that we fail to acknowledge the blessing of technology. From one huge instrument in days when most of us weren’t even conceived to the day when we share files over a small chip, or even on a virtual storage cloud; it’s just that cool.

9. How you shop

You go to your favourite showroom, you pick a dress in your favourite colour, you try it on – all of it with ear pods humming your favourite songs- and you proceed to the counter to pay on your card. No hard cash, minimal human interaction, no getting bored. Sometimes, you’d even scan a QR code and attain a discount. Or even better, pay on your phone via all the new fancy apps, or the best: Shop Online. Meanwhile, I remember my grandmother inquiring if there’s a slot in my laptop to swipe the card when I shop online.

8. How you ride

When was the last time that you actually stood stranded in the middle of a road and waved your hand at all the passing by rickshaws who outrightly refused to take you to your destination? Possibly never in a very long time. Thank you, technology; thankyou, Uber.

7. How you “catch up”

We are not even going to talk about the gadget in all our hands that we pick up and dial a number to talk. We won’t even talk about the comparison where a generation existed who wrote letters or another who stood in P.C.O. queues to talk to their beloveds. Everything is so instant and on the go, there’s snap chat for daily updates Instagram for how beautiful you are and Facebook for a lifetime of updates. and of course, the ever improving technology that got us Live videos the latest!

6. How some of us find love

Come on, you know what is being talked about. That tiny icon on your screen with a red flame on the white background. You do not have to look at a person in the shopping mall and go all curious about their existence and the heartbreak of never seeing them again, or the pain of setting yourselves up on a date. Open the app, choose your type and voila! It’s a Tinder match!

5. How you bank

Cash is so instantly and readily available in the day, we really doubt if the banking institutions will really exist in physical form another fifty years from today. Deposit, transfer, pay, receive – every transaction that you can possibly require is just a few taps away. However, ask your granny if she’d believe in the process, in contrast, to actually physically standing in a queue and filling forms. Technology has taken us places really!

4. How you entertain yourself

Right from the days when people used to play games for passing time, to those when black and white TV’s came in, forward to those when better looking coloured TVs and fast forward to today when we watch the television even on your mobile phones. Let alone TV, there is so much more to entertain ourselves really. There are a plethora of options over the internet, we are no longer prisoners to any deadlines really; we’ve all liberated as the world of limitless, yo!

3. How we read

Though a lot of us would still argue about the traditional reading and the latest Kindle technology, there is no denying that a great chunk of the population is really adapting to the new forms of reason. In another couple of decades, would somebody even argue about the traditional vs modern? the pace at which we are evolving, it remains an interesting question; answering itself an answer that a lot of us would prefer denying.

2. How we send wishes

It is only for, perhaps, forty percent of the population today who prefers some real handwritten letters and greetings today. The majority of the world is sending electronically generated greeting cards or typed out messages in the forms of letters; or phone calls to express the love on special days, totally ruling out any form of writing at all. Good or bad, that remains a matter of individual perceptions of course.

1. How we cook, parent, eat, memorize and everything else!

Want to cook a fancy meal for your mother coming to see you in your flat for the first time? Youtube! First-time parents, do not know the how-to’s and why’s of parenting? Youtube! Hunger pangs getting on your nerves so much so that you cannot make sense of anything else anymore? Zomato! Got this catchy song in your head but cannot find time to jot down the lyrics? Google! Technology is all around, really; and how easy and fascinating, really!



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