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10 Quirkiest Makeup Tools That Will Make You Wonder- What Even?

Were you ever dragged to the makeup shop by that one friend who just can’t shop alone and even if you had a basic knowledge about makeup there was some stuff that you just couldn’t place anywhere near maeup? Here we are bringing to you the list of these things that will send you to shock thinking- How the hell do you use this on you face!?

10. E.l.f. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield

Elf Studio,$3


Look at it, won’t it be a perfect prop in any photo booth you will ever see? I mean, “White mustache goes well with this background, doesn’t it honey?” But this weird looking thing is actually a very easy to use tool for a mess-free eye-makeup application. Yes, people purchase this amount of makeup, don’t be surprised because after spending a lot of money and time in eye makeup art, we definitely need a shield (sigh, WHY!) Hold it under your eyes so mascara and eye shadow don’t flake or fall on to your under eye so that you can avoid turning your smoky look into a blue-eye-bar-brawl-aftermath look.. Makeup artists use Kleenex as guards, but the handle makes this easier to apply as I said, who doesn’t want more make up (cue eye rolls)

9. Sephora Collection Things Are Looking Up Eye Lash Curler,

Sephora, $15


When you look at it in pictures, it can come off as a View-Master, A movie screen projector, A heavy duty office printer, Some kind of fancy toaster, Luckily, none of them are correct as this weird looking but extremely useful tool from Sephora is just a highly effective compact eyelash curler that’s sold over in their stores. The open cage makes sure you don’t pinch your outer lashes like conventional curlers can, and you’ve even got a spare pad tucked inside the base of the curler for emergencies. Curling in happiness, aren’t we?

8. Professional 10 Pcs Soft Oval Makeup Brush

Amazon, $18


These brushes took the internet in such a wild frenzy that girls were left gleaming in anxiety while the ones  who don’t speak makeup just gaped at this toothbrush like extremely bushy thingie to later on find out that it is indeed a brush. A make up brush, set in lines of a toothbrush. Convenient? Yes, they nail the contour blending and air brushing and yes they come in set of 10 brushes, ranging in size to help you apply makeup to your face, eyes, and lips but things got out of control when people actually posted videos of their confused husbands and intoxicated pals using this brush with a toothpaste on- well, good luck with blending that guys! Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle’s editorial and sales departments.

7. Silicone Makeup Sponge,

Amazon , $9

Beauty bloggers are raving about silicone makeup sponges for tons of good reasons. They’re awesome for blending out foundation and getting that airbrushed finish and mixing different products together- but, would you even look at it once! They look like bloody silicon inserts that women use for breast enlargements. Plus, they don’t absorb as much product as other sponges and are easier to clean because the makeup just washes off — perfect for any low-maintenance beauty lover but can you ignore the fact that they come in different sizes not forgetting the fact that one of the variation claimed to have “tiny protrusions” to reach the remote areas. Hmm.

6. Bigan Beauty Face Expander

BIgan, $88

Honestly, seeing the world going crazy over contouring, we found this product that shouts out for a wider, puffier face making us cram our heads together thinking-WHY, isn’t ageing the process that eventually makes it happen? This “cheek muscle training” tool that, as per the sellers, stretches your skin to prevent it from sagging. Setting aside the fact that the silicone muzzle makes you look like a human blowup doll that might give a goldfish bubble making competition, we’re not sure we want to use something that claims to expand our face. (We’ll leave that to Mother Nature, thank you very much.)

5. Japan’s Giant Rubber Lips for a slimmer face, US$ 37

No no no no no, you cannot un-see it once you see it. This uncomfortable looking jaw-like thing is actually a giant rubber lip meant to slim the face muscles by exercising them enough. You just have to put it in your mouth and shout out vowels- three minutes everyday for a month and you are done- well, at least that is what the brand says. But even after finding am option easier than plastic surgery, we will still pass on this. Period.

4. Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager, $51

Damn well it exists Japan has everything you need so here we present-if your own hands are too convenient (or useless), there’s the Breast Gymnastics (2016 Olympics, anyone?) Hand Massager, a plastic, claw-shaped rake that “massages” your breasts into a perkier state. The brand even claims that it can fit you into a bra of any size or choice, and the world is curious about everything- from sizes to the fact that this product (if it works) will hit the plastic surgery industry so hard, it won’t even have any recovery time- just fatality. If the concept behind this weird weird tool didn’t completely defy modern medicine and gravity, we would get behind this hands-on tool in a heartbeat, not caring about the whopping $51 value. Testers, anyone?

3. Violent Lips Lip Tattoos,

Violent Lips, $7.99 to $9.99

This is indeed a very convenient yet funny make up tool- as it is a temporary tattoo for the lips (and eyes too) and what else does the world need as it is already deep into the DIY and makeup tutorials going on and on about lip art. This company was started by a thirteen-year-old which gives us a fair idea as to how the inspiration was taken as all of us remember being 13 and stealing mom’s lipsticks- but we left it at that. But this teen didn’t and here we are- easy (and weird) lip art in minutes that will last four to eight hours, and you can eat, drink, and kiss with them on (or not).

2. Post Poo Drops

Aesop, AU$29.00

Believe it or not, this stuff actually means what its label says- it is indeed, a post poo drop sold by super fancy skincare brand, Aesop. As its tagline says, “Politeness is the flower of humanity”, they tried to make a connection out of the “polite”, “flower” and “humanity” by just asking the user to put some drops in the lavatory to “ease the aftermath” after ” vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom”, making us all the more confused and intrigued by this quirky product- what does it do? Make it smell better? Flush easy? How is the smell indeed? Just a normal poo drop here fellas (no puns intended)

1. Braouns Silk Smooth Epilator, $77.9

So, when you go for facial hair removal and sit there praying in anticipation of the pain that is going to happen as the beautician comes over with tat damned thread- then we fail to understand why even people would take a tool that will inflict the exact pain on them just by their own selves. Look at the poor vlogger demonstrating its functioning, you will get the gist of it. This truly bonkers contraption known as the Braouns Silk Smooth Epilator uses two menacing metal spokes to thread the tiny hairs on your face off. Not just weird, this is undoubtedly the most torturous make up tool we have or we will ever see!


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