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10 Major Design Flaws In Your Everyday Products

Whenever a new product is to be made by a company, it kicks off with the Design part of the product. The design decides the features and thus, consequent uses of the product. But till now there has been a continued mass production of everyday items that have some serious design flaw we never noticed before. Thus, here we are to enlighten you on the same!

10) Touch Screens In Cars

As the world modernises and moves closer to a completely technology aided environment, touch screens are something that are now so viral that even our loving video games’ controllers have a touch screen (sad). But this thing becomes a big design flaw when the screen on the dashboard of your car is a touch screen. It is still acceptable when it is for less handy functions like song- but as soon as it moves on to other frequent functions like AC regulation or volume, it gets tricky and highly dangerous as we are more used to just turning the knob rather than fumbling around the touch screen.

9) Thick Sticker Glue

Have you ever encountered a situation where you had to buy a gift in a hurry but that stupid price sticker came out but left a sticky layer of glue sheet behind, gaping at you from the beautiful wrapping sheet you just bought? This is one of the worst design flaws the gods of sticky paper ever made as the thickness of the paper should be way more than the sticky sheet especially in the case of medicines, that might have date of expiry written on them but the thick glue is so incompatible with the actual sheet that it peels off easily.

8) Lamps that have the switch on the cord instead of the base


This is a real problem especially in the cases of the emergency lamps that function without electricity supply and help you during those power cuts that come without a warning or well, extension period. People are more prone to mishaps in the dark as the person switching on the lamp has to fumble around the entire cord to actually switch it on, causing confusion and chaos. Just have a switch in the end, or on the lamp stand itself, can’t you?

7) Shopping baskets with the handle crossing the width



Most of you prefer to the shopping carts while shopping, even if it is 2-3 items at max, just to avoid that godforsaken rectangular shopping basket that has its handle width-wise, subjecting the wider side jutting inside your knee or thighs whenever you try to walk. This way, you have to rearrange your hands in a manner that they are twisted enough to align the less wide side along your side to stop the jutting. Even if it means more plastic consumption, a lengthwise handle can solve all your problems especially when it comes to a situation where the basket content is heavy.

6) Car Steering Wheels

Some countries like US have it on left, the others have it on the right but both of them are way of the mark. Notice that new drivers or even experienced ones have scratches on the front or back side of the car opposite to the steering wheels. These are the mere results of the blind spots drivers have and can be curbed if the steering wheel was simple in the middle. Though companies have worked to curb this problem like the McLaren, in which you steer from the middle with one passenger on each side. But? (There is always a but) It’s probably out of most of our price range.

5) Elevator Buttons

There is nothing wrong with them, but lack of something can also mean a design flaw, right? And the biggest flaw in the elevator buttons is the lack of un-selection of buttons that are pressed once. Imagine a scenario where you are late for a meeting with your boss but that pathetically competitive co-worker decides to be the most immature person possible and presses 18 floors between you and your destination floor. What will you do? Climb the emergency stairs? Now you know how important the un-select button for the elevator buttons can be.

4) USB Ports in Laptops

Many times you need two pen drives or disks or any bloody thing simultaneously but- the beautiful iron man mask shaped pen drive you have is too wide for the one on the either side, rendering it completely useless. There go your dreams of transferring the beautiful beach photographs from one disk to another pen drive as soon as possible, murdering with them the endless comments you would have got from your crush once you would’ve posted them. Sigh! Another hour of wait can be just avoided if they simply left .5 cms of space more.

3) Motion-detecting Toilet Flushes

All of you must’ve faced the inconvenience of having to get up when the motion detecting flushes just flush on their own right in the middle of your business and sometimes even scares you as to what exactly triggered the thing. And the worst is when the detector fails to detect any motion while you are even touching the detector in desperation of saving yourself all the embarrassment. Why can’t the flushes just be foot pedal operated like dustbins- both serve the purpose of disposing of crap (literally and figuratively in the two cases). It will even solve the problem of having to get up and do the deed mechanically as we all know how exhausted we can get after, you now, doing the deed.

2) Scissor Packages

Many times, you go out, buy a scissor because yours might have been unavailable and the knives aren’t sharp enough or something like that. But the buggers come with hard plastic loopy stoppers on their ends, and the packaging simply asks you to- cut. The. Cord. To. Free. The. Scissors. What are we supposed to then? Buy another pair to just cut through one and create a vicious cycle that might never end or simply cut the plastic cord out with your own teeth because yes- you are indeed that frustrated. Simple stop the stopper guys, paper packaging all the way.

1) The iPhone Cable

You knew this was coming won’t you? The iPhone charging cables are known to cause excess expenditure right after the excess expenditure you already did on your phone. They often, (try always), break right from the two end points. I mean, why can’t Apple just adopt the designs other companies have that make their chargers last for eternity? Or maybe, it is just a way for that extra revenue as guys believe it or not- Out of 1,285 reviews on the Apple website, it has a rating of just over one star and that is only because zero stars isn’t an option and that makes this flaw deserving enough to be on the top of this list. Also, Apple generates more than 2 Million dollars an year by just selling its cord. Guess that solves the mystery behind Apple’s ignorance towards their many customers crying.

There are many things that are causing harm to the environment, our safety or well, in most cases, our convenience. Sometimes we try to curb it ourselves the other times we have to completely stop using these things completely in search of the better option and thus, we will conclude by saying that not just the technical or cost aspects decide the product’s life cycle, it is their very own design that matters the most. Mould it as it takes birth!


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