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10 myths busted about Feminism

Let us admit it, most of what we have heard and read about the whole concept of feminism and the plight of a woman is overly fabricated and glorified. Women have shamelessly started taking an advantage of being a woman in the na,me of feminism which is actually not even fair and justified. 
So here,we take the stand, busting ten outrageous myths about feminism.

For the beginners, guys, here is how the dictionary defines the word –
Feminism – (noun) Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.

10. Myth: Feminism is for women who hate men

Fact: Feminism is about women who do not hate men or their counterparts. It is just a community who believes in equality of the genders, deeming everybody to be equal and not superior or inferior in any manner whatsoever. Feminists do not hate men; feminists love men and women equally, I repeat, demanding gender equality. It is a social change to end sexism and oppression.

9. Myth: Feminism is only for Women

Fact: Feminism is for any rational human being, regardless of their gender. If you, being a man, stand up for feminism, it does not mean that you are a traitor for your own counter parts. A male feminist is essentially a man who has the guts to stand up for the rights of the female population and support them in their fight for equality.

8. Myth: Feminist are masculine

Fact:  Feminists are people who can be anything that they want to be: feminine, masculine whatever. Feminism is about liberation and granting choices, about the right of self-expression and about not being looked as an unusual existence being questioned about the behaviour only because of the gender. Feminists are just people who do not believe in being told what to do and what not to do because of their gender.

7. Myth: Feminists do not believe in marriage

Fact: Feminists believe in whatever they want to believe, they do whatever they want to do just like any other human being that exists. What feminists do not believe in is that they should get married by a particular age and give birth by a particular age because they are females, unlike the males who can take these choices at any age. Feminists do not believe in unequal marriages.

6. Myth: Feminism is only for middle-class white women

Fact: Feminism was essentially started by the white women belonging to middle-class families in the late 1960’s and 70’s; however, feminism has now taken a global face and stand. Feminism is for any person who supports the identity of a woman; black, white, brown or any coloured woman or man.

5. Myth: Feminism should have stopped with achieving the voting rights

Fact: Feminism started as the first wave feminism demanding primarily for equal voting rights, however, it does not mean that it should stop right there. Feminism gained a global recognition as a positive movement and it evolved over the years from demanding only the equal sexual rights to demanding equality in all the other facets as deserved.

4. Myth: Feminism ignores male suffering

Fact: Feminists support and recognise the suffering of all human beings. Feminism is about women being equal to men and given that, feminists, of course, also realise that men, in a lot of cases, are also mistreated and suffer just like the women. Feminists believe in punishments wherever due; be it in the case of a woman or a man, hence establishing the core of feminism: equality.

3. Myth: Feminism is about sexual liberty

Fact: Feminism is essentially about liberty in any form. Feminists believe in individuals who make informed choices and non-judgement of any human being because of their gender. Feminists believe in exploring your own sexual anatomy as required and deserved, making your own choices as per your comfort but not, in any case, using it to your advantage.

2. Feminism is female chauvinism

Fact: Radical feminism is about female chauvinism. Feminism rules out the concept of any form of chauvinism at all. Feminism is about undoing the concept of sexism, of oppression, or gender superiority and that of better or worse. Feminism works towards the oneness of the entire human race, not to your blessed random gender you did not even have a control over.

1. Myth: Feminists are crazy and they overdo it

Fact: Feminists have had it enough. The fight for equality has been going on for a very, very long time and feminists still see the need to write such articles about the myths and facts about feminism. It is not that feminists are crazy, it is just that there comes a point of saturation when it is natural to revolt and speak up against unnecessary oppression, to not settle for anything less than basic human rights. This, dear friends, is called taking a stand and not being crazy.


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