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10 Hotels That Offer Over-The-Top Extras

If you love traveling then you obviously choose the best hotel to stay in and these hotels usually provide all the basic amenities and some extra facilities in bigger than basic packages. Some hotels walk the extra mile to give their clients a comfortable and memorable experience. But sometimes, these ‘extras’ go ridiculously over the top. Here’s the list.

10. Happy Guest Lodge

(Source: Mirror)

The Happy Guest Lodge in Warrington, UK, accommodate their lonely customers with a goldfish. The goldfish is named ‘Happy.’ People who ask for this scaly company are charged £5 and the hotel is actually quite proud of this package as their website boasts their world famous goldfish providing facility. Some guests even book for Happy in advance so it is available to them for their next stay. But why goldfish? According to the management, this little fish provides a sense of comfort, a sounding board, and unconditional love to the guest after a hard day. But why not a puppy? That’s right, everybody loves dogs and they’re hard to let go but nobody really cares about leaving a goldfish alone. Yep.

9. Family Pillow Fight Package

(Source: Elite Readers)

Ritz in Palm Beach, Florida, provides this package for traveling families at a price of $60. In this package, the family gets a set of satin pillows, music CDs, and a pack of family games. According to the owner of the hotel, this allows the family to bond with each other and create an environment similar to slumber parties. The songs are to hype up the pillow fight participants and include ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot.’ It’s basically fun and feathers if you avail this package.

8. Swimsuit Vending

(Source: Maxim)

Machines Packing in a hurry can always make you forget some items. If that item is a bathing suit and you are staying in a hotel from The Standard chain then no need to worry. They got your back. Instead of heading to local shops or hotel gift shop which provide boring options, you can get a bathing suit in latest designs and any color you want from the bathing suit vending machines. They even print logos of local hotspots on suits if you want them to. But be sure to have $75 to spend on your bathing suit if you want that. Honestly, we think it’s overrated.

7. Dog Surfing Lessons

(Source: NBC)

If you love your dog enough to bring him with you on vacations, chances are, you also feel bad when he can’t enjoy the activities that you do. The Su’ruff Camp at Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa offers an opportunity for your pet to learn surfing. They even hold an annual dog surfing championship. The hotel actually makes the vacation good for you dog too. Apart from the surfing lessons the hotel also provides pet parks that include pet walkers, pet sitters, and even a special pet room service menu with all types of canine delicacies. VIPets!

6. Fragrance Buttler

(Source: Gentlemans Butler)

Given the TSA restrictions, a person isn’t allowed to carry many bottled liquids which is why you cannot satisfy your olfactory senses much while traveling. But at any Rosewood Chain hotel, that isn’t a problem. You are provided with a fragrance butler who will be at your door with a silver tray whenever you ring the bell. The fragrance butler brings you perfumes and colognes from top brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy, and Dior. Each hotel in the chain is provided with a certain list of fragrances that matches the set up of the resort.

5. Proposal Package

(Source: Daily Mail)

At the Ashford Castle in Ireland, they provide you with a quite special package if you are willing to propose to your partner. There are many birds living on the grounds as the castle has a falconry school. You can pick any bird from these to deliver an engagement ring, the most requested being the Dingle. The proposal is a three-night package which includes couple’s massage, champagne, a boat ride, a cozy dinner by candlelight, and the grand finish—Dingle swooping in to deliver the ring. The cost of the package is $2000, which is quite high, but you might just overwhelm your partner into saying yes.

4. V-Day Haters Pack

(Source: Relationships 101)

This is finally a useful package. Singles, you might wanna spend your next Valentine’s in the Night and The Time Hotel in New York. A table is set up for one at an upscale restaurant Serafina with free double shots. The rooms are decorated with black candles and you are provided with free 24-hour porn. Apart from that, you’re given a lot of ice cream, a box of tissues, two bottles of tequila and a wide range of breakup movie to chose from. And the next morning you’re served breakfast in bed and some self-help books. Night and The Time management are good people.

3. Best Man on Hire

(Source: Brides)

South Carolina’s Wild Dunes Resort ensures that the groom is receiving as much attention as the bride does from her bridesmaids. The Best Man Service will provide a mate for the groom that will cater to the needs of his side and deliver a perfect speech. But you do need heavy pockets for that. The groom can expect to pay $150 per hour, $650 for a half day, $1000 for a full day, and $2000 for a weekend.

2. Personal Oxygen Devices

(Source: Vitality Medical)

This is pointless but since rich people wanna waste their money, here we go. Boston’s Revere Hotel offers Personal Oxygen Devices at $40 a pop. Sounds cheap but it’s not, one breath is at a price of $1 as one device has oxygen for just 40 breaths. According to the Revere, the 18-centimeter (7 in) oxygen bottle is sleek and perfect for traveling around town. It fits easily inside a handbag. They also say that it’s really easy to use as it can be used with just one hand. But why? Why would anyone want an oxygen device on a vacation in a city where it isn’t even required? Why?

1. Robot Staff

(Source: BBC)

The Henn-na Hotel in Japan provides you a particularly tech-savvy experience. The staff in the hotel is robots. Guests can access their rooms via face-recognition and are able to control room amenities via tablets. There are porter robots employed to carry luggage to and from rooms, and cleaning robots employed to keep the hotel spotless of their own accord. Surprisingly, staying at Henn na Hotel starts at 9,000 yen ($80), whereas staying in one of the nicer hotels can easily cost twice or three times that much. The owner said that he wanted something innovative but also wanted to do something about increasing hotel prices.


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