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10 Coldplay Videos That Will Leave You Awestruck

Songs have been sung through centuries. There are singers or bands whose names end up getting etched in our memories forever, one such band in the recent times is Coldplay. The perfect mixture of good music, great lyrics, and highly imaginative creativity will hook you up to their videos. Bringing something new and unusual for the audience has made them famous for all the good reasons. Making the task easier for you, here are 10 of the most creative and attractive music videos by Coldplay.

10. Magic (2014)

Magic and magicians always leave us bewildered and wanting for more. The song Magic’s video is based on a magician getting dominated by her senior, although things change when the man(assistant) smitten by the beautiful magician shows her senior who is the real boss. Quite an interesting way of marking territory!

9. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (2003)

The idea and thought of being invisible have struck us all at least once in our life. We have all been warned about wishful thinking, so what happens when one does become invisible? Everything comes at a cost and so you end up losing something while trying to gain another. The visuals work really well with the song wherein eventually, it fades away.

8. Up & Up ( 2016)

As kids our imagination runs wild but as and when we start growing up we stop imagining about things beyond reality. This is one video that ends up exciting people of all age groups, how different things can be if the position and size of things changes. The world could be so different by just a few changes here and there.

7. Trouble (2000)

A lonely girl in a storybook world, add a dash of a wonderful Coldplay song, Voila! One of the best videos is ready. This 2D video perfectly blends in with the sad song, giving it a more in-depth feel. We have grown up reading tales and when we see a tale being depicted on screen, nostalgia does kick in.

6. Life in Technicolor II

A puppet show has never looked so interesting. The band members giving a solid rock performance as puppets for little kids and then leaving in a helicopter isn’t that a very creative idea. Leaving kids and audience bewildered is a talent we need to learn from this band.

5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (2011)

Not everyone has the eyes of an artist. Not everyone will understand graffiti, though this one video will definitely change the way you look at a wall art. Street art combined with slow-mo effects, that’s called a creative music video. Every artist’s dream comes to reality in this video.

4. Paradise (2011)

At the end of the day, we all love going back home, to the warmth of the familiarity that we have always relaxed in. An Elephant trying all in his power to go back to Africa and finally reaching home to his friends. Just cause they are animals, that does not mean we trap them wherever and whenever we can, they got a home too. A controversial subject, raised and talked about so innovatively.

3. Strawberry Swing (2009)

A superhero out in the big bad world to save his princess, mix it with stop motion animation and too many talented people is a result that leaves you really awestruck. Creativity knows no boundaries, this video is the living proof. Consider Coldplay as the king of artists because there isn’t anything they can’t do.

2. Yellow (2000)

Simplicity, real emotions, a gloomy day and night. Recorded in one take, this video deserves a position on this list because of how original and real it is. You are sad and you are happy because that is where we stand, always somewhere in between.

1.The Scientist (2002)

A reverse motion video that shows us that things and moments in life aren’t always what they look like. A man trying to go back in time to save an accident, am emotional already. *Sob*. This video simply reminds us that just because someone we come across is smiling, it does not mean that they are happy. Science has taken over everything but time is still a constraint that not even the biggest scientist can get his hands on.

Let’s hope that Coldplay stays in existence until our next few generations learn about these versatile, creative geniuses.


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