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What Two Guys Just Did With A Big Mac Is Seriously Inspired. And Delicious.

It’s widely known that McDonald’s food isn’t the greatest for you. It’s full of processed ingredients, high sodium and the calorie count of the meals on their menu is typically much higher than 600. If you ordered a Big Mac meal with fries and a Coke? You’re looking at about 1,200 salty calories. That’s almost your entire daily limit.

Not only are these fast food meals unhealthy, but they’re also pretty sloppy when you finally pull them out of the bag. That’s why this Reddit user and his friend attempted to class up the Big Mac.

They decided to compete in the kitchen to make the fanciest Big Mac meal. The presentation upgrade might not fix the nutritional value, but they were certainly able to make it look awesome.

Each contestant was attempting to transform a Big Mac meal into something fancy.

This is what the available ingredients looked like, deconstructed.

They even divided the fries in half.

The first entry: 5 times cheeseburger with a potato tower, salad with sesame seed bun croutons & mac sauce garnish.

Another view of the delicious stacks.

The Coke was served alongside the meal in a wine glass.

The second entry: Big Mac mini shepherds pies with sesame seed crisps and a salad.

Which would you prefer?

(via Reddit)

Both final meals were way fancier than the average Big Mac you’d get at a drive-through restaurant. Since they split the meal, there was a little less food, but their creations were still impressively delicious.

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