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Top Public Pillow Fights from Around the World

Around the world, numerous cities have public-pillow fighting events. These awesome events have people gathering on the streets and hitting each other with pillows.

Find below images of these fights. And keep an eye out for the hot girl in white.

[ * Click on images for larger views. ]


Trafalgar Square in London:


Youth are involved in a fight pillows on Castle Square in Warsaw:


People in New York heading to a pillow fight:


Youth fighting pillows on Union Square in Manhattan:


Pillow fights in Brazil:


Pillow-mob at Union Square in Manhattan:


​​Manhattan Union Square in New York:


3 unknown locations:

^No, not that one.


Feathers in the air in the area Fovam in Budapest:


People on the pillow fight flash mobs in Sao Paulo, Brazil:


Pillow fight in full swing in the capital of Bulgaria:


Pillow fights in Zurich:


Pillow fight in San Paulo:

^Yes, HER!


The feathers on the ground after the battle of the International pillows Fovam Square in Budapest:


The only method to get all the feathers off after the fight:


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