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Super Awesome Pic Dump Of The Day (21 Funny Pics)

All you hipsters might want to check this out.

Dumbest Tweets of the Year...

Got this from one of my teachers for graduation. Wise words to live by.

Having fun at the beach.

I think we all know the feeling

I would of said 'My moon and stars'

If toddlers could post on Facebook…

Language of love

Meet Gavin the Fish!

Morgan Freeman is Awesome

Smart phones replaced with sandwiches

Stephen Fry being Stephen Fry

The cutest GIF of all time!

The smartest way to break up with somebody

They will find you. No matter where you are.

This. This is an awesome idea...

Those days where you just don't give a f*ck

Typical Walmart

When girls hug vs. When guys hug.

Yes, how bloody British of me.

You can get a lot of emotion out of construction paper.


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