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Super Awesome Pic Dump Of The Day (20 Funny Pics)

A Croatian 7-yo boy was asked about his expectations...

Ain't no party like a guinea pig pool party.

And this is why I have a dog.

Call it love — Dr. Seuss

Found my cat taking a little nap

Good advice for next year's kitten crop.

Guns don't kill people...

Honest Mistake — Popular women on web

How Not To Use a Treadmill In The Gym

I'm all in. All in means 'tuna', right?

Is that a hobbit over there?

Life in a nutshell...

Not sure if trolling or just racist...

On the bright side, you get three wishes.

Seems legit.

Skrillex bangs...

The awkward moment when...

The biggest nope ever

The couple that stayed together through it all... This will hit you in the feels so hard

Well.. that's a nice trick..


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