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Recent Posts by Editorial Staff

55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas


It is December again and like every year, Christmas has taken over everything… even animals! Yes, by dressing up their pets in Christmas outfits and by being super-excited about Christmas, we have all successfully excited animals about Christmas! Check out...

A Treat for All Twilight-Haters (10 Sarcastic Posters)

Lights out

The Twilight phenomenon has taken over theaters like a storm. While I and countless other fail to see the appeal of a gay sparkling vampire and a young girl who has to choose between bestiality and necrophilia, there is a big number...

20 Ideas that Help Get Creative with Your Christmas Tree


People normally head out in the holidays, buy their Christmas tree, and then light it up. Every year they follow the same preparation without ever trying anything new. This year, I hope you all try out something new by having...

21 of the Cutest and Yummiest looking Christmas Cakes


Since I was out of town then, I celebrated Christmas last year with a friend’s family. I was surprised to see that didn’t have a Christmas Cake tradition, unlike my own family. So for my friend and everybody out there,...

WTF Pic Dump – Photos in Extreme Need of Context

Hangin like a boss

The internet is a beautiful place. Contributing majorly to this beauty are “WTF photos” that make absolutely no sense. Perhaps if they were accompanied by their context, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t be so weird. We gathered a few WTF...

Collection of 10 Best Santa Memes to make your Christmas Funnier


Christmas is right round the corner. While people remember to sing Christmas hymns and shop in the holidays, they don’t really remember to laugh. Here to fill your laughter gap by tickling your funny-bone (so many connotations, I know!) are...

Your Required Dosage of Demotivation – 21 Hilarious Posters


Have you been inspired a bit too much? Are you feeling like you want to take on everything? Well, we’ve got just the cure. Here are some excellent posters to demotivate you and make you LOL. Check them out.  ...

5 Christmas Rage Comics to Make Santa Laugh


Santa has always freaked me out. An old dude with a big white beard asking children to sit on his lap is a bit odd to me. Thankfully there are excellent Santa rage comics out there that make me laugh...

15 Pictures of How Not To Parent Your Kid

passed out baby

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have children – it’s that simple. Yet, they do reproduce. And when they do, the following is what happens: Blowing my daughter   Duct tape baby   Father 0 – Kid 1  ...