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Recent Posts by Editorial Staff

Drunk LOLs: The Best of Scumbag Alcohol (10 Memes)


We all do stupid and crazy things when we’re intoxicated. While our drunk adventures are usually unique, there are still instances that are common throughout. Giving voice (er… a photo and some text, more accurately) to this situation is the...

Rich Stoner Dilemmas: First World Stoner Problems (11 Hilarious Memes)

First world stoner problems

It’s just you and me – the rich smoke weed too! And when there’s weed, there’re problems! Check out the hilarious First World Stoner Problems meme that highlights what it is like to be rich and stoned out of your...

Facebook Makes it Easy to Mess Up Your Relationships (21 Funny Pics)


Relationships are not easy. And when they’re on Facebook, they’re just a recipe for destruction. Your significant other or you can say something stupid and all on a public forum! Check out the following hilarious examples to know what I...

Inspiring Words: Your Required Dose of Motivation to Get You Through (25 Pics)


Has the day got you down again? Do you need an injection of bring-me-up? Yes? You’re in luck! We’ve got some wonderful words of inspiration directed your way. Read these remarkable inspirational posters and watch yourself elated.      ...

Evil Plotting Baby Reminds You of Why Babies are Hard to Deal With

As soon as the diaper's on

You hear parents complaining about raising a child all the time and how the toughest years and when the child is an infant. Well, the interwebs has depicted these evil babies in an excellent meme dubbed Evil Plotting Baby. This...

Celebrity Wisdom: 15 Inspiring Quotations by Popular Celebrities

Mark Twain

While the daily life of a celebrity might not be filled with deep contemplation, sometimes celebrities do utter deeply meaningful and inspiring things. The beauty of their quotations however is their simplicity of language. In their collection of simple words...

Horny Harry: Hilarious Harry Potter Memes that make Hermoine Cringe (20 Pics)


The Harry Potter movies have been the victim of countless hilarious memes. The most notable of all these is by far the “Horny Harry” meme in which a perverted Harry makes Hermoine cringe in different situations. Check out the most...

50 Pictures Capturing the Beauty of Eiffel Tower from Different Perspectives


The Eiffel tower is a wonderful structure that attracts tourists from around the globe. Located in Paris, France the tower was formed in 1889 and has been an unparalleled attraction ever since. At night time lights on the tower are...

The Best of “What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” Meme (25 Pics)


Oh well, most of the times expectations are not much like reality. Right?                                                  ...