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40 Hilarious Parents-Related Rage Comics that Will Make You LOL

Rage Comics. Where would the internet be without ’em?

One group the comics have not spared are parents. Check out these hilarious rage comics about parents and see what I mean when you LOL.

Asian Parents

Big NO Disorder

Calling: MOM

Drinking with Parents VS Friends

Every damn time i have to drive with mom

Every time my mom invites people over

Everytime my parents tell jokes

When my parents used to take me to their friends place

Fapper vs Parents – A never ending war

Going down on knees

Hot mom RAGE

How to keep your parents from catching you

Introducing my mom to Dubstep

Its shit like this, parents

Meeting the parents rage

Mom finding me with alcohol

Mom rage

Mom superpower

Mom’s hypocrisy

My parents and web browsers

My parents just love scarring me for life

Parents and abortion

Parents and the age of Technology

Parents are so sensitive sometimes

Parents on Facebook

Parents staying over rage

Parents these days

Parents who have texting

Parents Y U NO

Remember when you first took a stand against your parents

Seriously Mom?

So i am moving out of my parents house

The difference between your mom and dad finding your porn

This is how my mom parents

Troll mom – dialup rage

Visiting my parents house

What happens when my parrents say we need to talk

What I learned when trolling my parents

Why most parents hate me

You can go mom


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