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15 Brilliant Drinking Straw Hacks…

Pit Cherries
Want a quick and painless way to pit cherries? Run a straw through them. The straw will push out the pit leaving you with a perfectly edible cherry.

Bring Spices Camping
These won’t take up much room, and will keep from spilling over. Simply fill the straw with the desired amount of spices and melt the ends to seal.

Curl Your Hair
Why bother spending the dough on all of those no-heat hair curlers when you can use straws? Twist the hair around the straw and secure with a bobby pin or elastic.

Let Your Plants Water Themselves
You know those brilliant globe things that you can buy to get your plants to water themselves? You fill it up with water and place it in your potted plant, then as the plant needs water, it takes it from this globe. My parents have a million. Anyway, with a straw and a wine bottle you can make your own!


Seal Open Bags
When you’re in a pinch and don’t have any chip clips around, simply grab two straws and a pair of scissors. It’s so simple.

Travel with Liquids
You won’t have to worry about lids coming off bottles and liquid spilling everywhere. Plus, you can bring just the amounts that you need. Simply use a Q-tip to push the liquids into the straw and seal with a lighter.

Seal a Ziplock
To keep things fresh, you want to eliminate as much air as possible from the bag. So, insert a straw and close the Ziploc until it is snug on the sides of the straw. Then suck the air out of the bag through the straw. Next, remove the straw and quickly seal the rest of the way.

Keep Your Straw From Floating

Stabilize Your Cake
Use a straw to stabilize your cake layers. Simply insert, then cut!

Squiggly Worms
Fill up straws with a gelatin whipping cream mixture and let set. Hold the straws over warm water and the worms will slip out.

Hull Your Strawberries
Don’t bother getting your hands, a knife, and cutting board dirty. Instead, simply insert a straw in the bottom of the strawberry and push up. The stem will come off the top.

Keep Your Jewelry From Tangling
There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your travel bags and noticing that all of your necklaces have jumbled up into one big knot. Keep them separate by putting them through the straw and clasping them. It’s as easy as that!

Get Stuck Ketchup Out of the Bottle
By inserting a straw into the bottle, you break up the stuck ketchup and insert air, which will help to make the delicious condiment move out of the bottle and onto your plate.

Best Hack Ever For Buttery Popcorn!
Why is this not vast common knowledge?! It’s always annoying when you go to the theater and have a ton of butter (or butter-type product) on the top of your popcorn, but as you eat your way down, the snack gets drier and drier because the butter doesn’t go all the way through. By using a straw, you ensure that the butter makes it all the way through the popcorn bag. Brilliant.

Fire Tube
Take a bunch of these when you go camping. They’re small and portable and the straw will also help them stay water-proof. Basically, insert two matches, a piece of sand paper, and a cotton ball with Vaseline into a straw. Use a lighter to seal.


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