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10 words with beautiful meanings from various languages

A picture might describe a thousand words; actions may speak louder than words but do you know the raw feeling of finding just the perfect word to speak your head? Nothing can ever beat the pure wordgasm and here, we give you ten words from different languages with utterly beautiful meanings.

10. Forelsket
Language : Norwegian
Meaning : The feeling that you have when you’re falling in love with someone but you haven’t quite reached love yet.

You know that feeling of infatuation but doubts and double minds when you first start talking to someone who rings a bell? While I English we struggle with full sentences like “I really like you but I am not sure” or “I think I like you, but I need time,” In Norwegia, they just say Forelsket. How cool, haha.

9. Komorebi
Language : Japanese
Meaning : The light that filters through the trees.

You know those perfect rays of the sun that peek through the trees and hit you just in the feels? the light that you cannot help but marvel at the inexpressible beauty of? You have a word now.

8. Depaysement
Language : French
Meaning : The feeling that comes from being in a foreign country.

We have all been there; being away from the comfort of your house, in a foreign land, amongst varied, unknown faces. No matter how well you adjust and get accustomed to, eventually, the discomfort – depaysement- always haunts deep down.

7. Hyggeligt
Language : Danish
Meaning : A feeling of extreme comfort or coziness.

Mom – “Will you get out of that bed? It is 10 am already!”
Me – “Let me enjoy the hyggeligt on a cold morning, mom!”

6. Ubuntu
Language : Nguni (Southern Africa)
Meaning : The belief that we are defined by our compassion towards others.

You know, that point in life when you realise where it all narrows down to? You realise the power of random acts of kindness and of being compassionate, of not judging or hating but just spreading a lot of love and enjoying the bliss? That is Ubuntu.

5. Laotong
Language : Mandarian
Meaning : A friendship bonding two girls  together for eternity as kindred sisters.

How many times have you looked at your best friend and juts know that you were born to be with her? The feeling of completeness, of not wanting to be anywhere else, the fear of losing her and knowing you are nothing without her? Do not use “soul sisters” again, it is laotong, women!

4. Aafreen
Langauge : Urdu
Meaning : Blessing / Excellent / Beautiful

It could be for anyone really. It could be for the overwhelming feeling of being with your girlfriend, of feeling so special around her and realising how lovely your other half is. It could as well be for your mother, to realise her purity and chastity, the sacrifices and unconditional love. Aafreen, aafreen!

3. Jayus
Language : Indonesian
Meaning : A joke told so poorly, you can’t help but laugh.

Most of the time when someone tells a bad joke, there’s just an awkward look that you can throw, unable to fake the giggle. Most of the other times, however, the joke is so astonishingly bad that you can’t help but laugh at it.

2. Yayavar
Language : Hindi
Meaning : Wanderer

For the traveler, explorer, wandered, finder and the hippie in you. The person who doesn’t want to settle, who wants to witness the greater majestical beauty of the world. You aren’t the cliched “wanderlust,” you are a yayavar. Fell the word.

1. Shemomedjamo
Language : Georgian
Meaning : To continue eating past the point of being full because the food tastes so good.

We have all been guilty of this little joy of life. The good food on the perfect dinner table where all you can do is gulp past beyond your appetite and yet feel something is missing so you just feed yourself more. It is so elevating really, there is a word for it, just not in English.


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