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10 weirdest patents ever filed

Do you sometimes look around and certain objects and think to yourself “how the hell did it even reach here?”

10. Anti-Eating Face Mask

We take our guess; it must have been for an extremely low will powered person, unable to resist the sight of food, to even think of something like this. Patented in 1982, the mask makes it impossible for you to sneak in anything – even a tiny little bread crumb – into your mouth; though it does have a cup-shaped mesh to allow breathing. The product was thought of and patented but nobody, obviously, has yet invented the technique to not make the owner remove it when the hunger pangs get too real to survive.

9. An underwear that comes with a calendar

For the women who happen to forget their due dates -probably made by a victim herself- this is a supposed solution. As it works is, on the front waistband of the undergarment, a clip holding band is equipped with sewing horizontal and vertical threads in a grid form. Below the clip holding band, a date portion is located in which numerals and shapes are printed in two lines. Both edges of the clip holding band are designed to be sewn as to move between the dates. At first, a gold heart-shaped clip is hooked on the right end; and a silver heart-shaped clip is hooked on the left end with a vertical and a horizontal pin. You move the clips around and record the dates, hence, enabling the recording of the date when the period began and allows tracking of the time until the next period begins. Now that’s how we relate necessity and inventions.

8. Cheese filter cigarette

By a cheese lover, for a cheese lover, this one is in an attempt to produce very efficient tobacco filter. The inventor believed that the “current” cigarette filters do not really filter enough tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke, so the need for a new filter was realized and so he did: cheese!

7. Portable Nuclear Shield

You thought tents were cool? Now take a look at this. If you happen to ever be in a situation where you just do not feel like you can take it anymore, you need to escape or probably if you happen to be one of those scared of the apocalypse being for real, this one is for you. This portable nuclear fallout shelter is designed for protection against radioactive dust particles, and is made up of tightly woven, rip-resistant fabric panels. All you need to do is to dig a hole and unfold the Portable Nuclear Shield over your head; voila, your safe haven right there, anywhere.

6. Hiccup Treatment Therapy

So you thought a solar powered cigarette was the most useless invention ever? Well, read about this patent. Made for those who do not seem to get rid of the nuisance despite bottles of water and holding breath to choking up, you can have them zapped away with a small electric shock. While drinking water through this product, the electrodes placed along a metal rod will be used to shock your vagus and phrenic nerves to stop the hiccup.

5. Snake Walking System

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door,” but what about when you build an apparatus that lets you walk your snake – will the world really be at your door? So apparently, sunlight is really good for the snakes, essential for growth, but the owners do not get a lot of opportunities to let their snakes free due to obvious reasons. And hence, well, this product. It is actually very difficult to create something as such for a snake, given the fact that snakes tend to change their size with every meal intake; but is sky really the limit for some people?

4. Motorized Ice-cream Cone

For a whole new variety of people who consider it a pain to hold up their cones and rotate their tongues in all the possible angles to suck that chocolate chip out – this is a product for supporting, rotating and sculpting a portion of ice cream or similarly malleable food while it is being consumed. The product comprises a hand-held housing, a rotatable cup supported by the hand-held housing and a drive mechanism for imparting a rotation upon the cup and rotationally feeding its contents against a person’s tongue.

3. Flatulence Deodorizing Pad

For the farters in the house, not getting enough of the potential stink attacks, here’s a solution. The Flat-D flatulent deodorising pad product is made from activated charcoal pads. The pads are designed in a manner as to absorb and filter the air, saving you from an embarrassing situation and the others, from a fatal fart attack; win-win, yo!

2. The Beerbrella

The apparatus comprises a small umbrella approximately five to seven inches in diameter. The umbrella needs to be attached to the beer bottle by any one of a number of means, including clip, strap, cup or foam insulator. The umbrella is provided with a pivot to allow the umbrella to be suitably angled for shielding the sun to heat up the beer (or any other beverage for that matter). With love, from a beer lover to the world.

1. High-Five Machine

If you are sick of being ignored when you hi! your hand high up in the air, this machine allows you to stimulate the celebratory effect of high-5’ing as a convenient outlet for the release of excitement. All that you have to do is: affix the high-five machine to the wall or set it on a table. Doing so will improve your hand-and-eye coordination and you’re good enough to plastic the arm a high-five anytime you want to.



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