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10 Weirdest Make Up Trends of All Time

Right from the time we dependent on the runaway to base our fashion looks on in the 50s till today, in the world of DIYs and social media tutorials, makeup is that one thing we were after. But putting our spin to things made us give the world a head-scratching halt to ponder over what the makeup exactly was. From unicorn eyes to invisible brows, these weird trends came and went and here we are to show you the top ten weird makeup trends that have been to the mankind. Brushes, ahoy!

10. Rainbow Left Right and Center



Seeing the Pantone color of the year in the past two years- vivid blues, pinks, greens, all color everything, Rainbow make up trend got immense popularity in 2016. Food, hair, cheeks, eye-shadows and oh wait- BROWS. Yes, people took rainbow so seriously that they even got inked in the rainbow colors, not ti forget the multi-colored lipsticks worn all at once. The reason behind this noble- waving the LGBTQ support flag, but later in the year people forgot the essence of it and went on to doing the rainbow trend everywhere simultaneously. That meant, no skin showing anywhere except the nose, of course, because that will just make you look like a clown (eye rolls). It reached extremes when guys started dyeing their hair in rainbow colors- and not the hair on their head, their own beards. That’s some way of adding color to your life fellas!

9. Crazy Contouring



The Kardashians have been known to start many scandals and rumors, and well, trends too. And one of these was the savior of the chubby face clan- contouring. Women use bronzer, blush, concealer, foundation, and highlighter to achieve a perfectly sculpted look for the cheekbones of the Greek Gods. But people do not stop there, do they? Social Media went crazy in its quest for the ideal sculpt, and then there were videos and tutorials showing people how to contour every part of the body- forehead, collarbones, arms, neck, chin, oh wait there is more- legs, feet, arms, back, and even cleavage for those less blessed on the bust and abs for the ones who preferred food over gym. Then came clown contouring by popular vlogger Bella DeLune. It doesn’t stop there- dot contouring, flower contouring, animal contouring, skull contouring, henna contouring – even Star Wars contouring.

8. Faux Freckles



While freckles were once a taboo and something women wanted hidden deep under concealers and foundations and what not. Now, freckles are a symbol of cute, fresh-faced beauty that is natural, lovable and shows that a woman accepts herself. But the catch now is that people who did not have them want it-beginning from well-placed eyeliner to extremes- temporary freckle tattoos and worse, permanent. Faux freckles that are not even real are now being placed by people-in rainbow colors and GLITTERS. This is indeed worth being in this list of weird make up trends.

7. Fluffy Manicures



Nails are that one part of the body that are experimented on the most- and here we are with one of the craziest nail trend ever-Fluff manicures. In short- painting your nails and then shaking some fluffy dust over them to make it look like your tips were super soft, because we just can’t handle the fluff a cute dog has, right people? Jeez! If this wasn’t enough, pom-poms were attached to the tip of the nail, just like a kid’s holiday homework had a glue disaster. I mean, how to wash your hands, or what people mostly worried about- how to eat after that? We trid to question this trend too much, but to no avail as it was a very frequent trend shown on the New York runaway and pinterest both.

6. Extreme Lip Art



Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox and well, many more influential celebrities created a spree of lip enlargements and surgeries for that pouty look- but people took it as a larger canvas for their lip “art”, seeing that they now had a bigger “canvas”. From crystallized geode lips to artful lip gloss drips to miniature scenes drawn onto the tiniest of canvases and well- lip stickers for temporary fuller lips, it just didn’t stop. Like, can the lips’ skin take it, and hello, chappy lips? But it didn’t bother the lip artists as most of it was to click that one perfect snap or tutorial for the hoards of Instagrammers going cray over this trend.

5. Using Non-Beauty Products as Makeup



This trend was seriously taking several DIY videos with a storm with makeup products available fridges, toy boxes and junk drawers. One such example was the #FaceFullofFood makeup challenge of  applying stuff like coffee grounds, mac n’ cheese powder, and chocolate on people’s face, and if that wasn’t enough, makeup vloggers took to used Oreos for mascara and Skittles for blush! Crayons were molten and made into makeup, ignoring all the warnings the product makers stated. We get it, make up does cost a lot, but it never means you will have to make do with stuff meant for doing ANYTHING else but make up

4. Embellished Make up



Embellished make up was the new trend that shook the internet like a storm. Right from embellished nails to beautiful embellished forehead makeup, which involved vloggers styling their foreheads as a tiara taped right to the skin or beautiful embellishment stones as rings or bracelets was a change a lot of us looked forward to. But as the story-line in this post, people made this beautiful trend extra too. Embellished eyes, with stones jutting into your retina in place of your own lashes or eye brows for that matter, made us scratch our heads thinking, hello? Blinking? If that wasn’t enough, tiny sparkles on the lips made us wonder whether eating embellishment with our own food make us queasy or a simple unicorn. the extremes were crossed when people started using embellishments to decorate their hair with stones and glitters going right from the scalp till  the tip- giving no heed to the fact that we are humans and anything in our scalp will make us ITCH. Seeing the inconvenience of this make up trend we put it as number 4 in our list.

3. Ear Makeup



Face, nails, hair, neck, arms and legs but EARS? Yes, that happened. Accessorizing was deemed insufficient when the ear make up hit the market. But what actually was that? It was first known to us in 2014 during Paris Fashion Week, when models walked down the runway with their lobes dipped in ink. Since then, silver and gold painted ears, ears dusted in glitter, and cartilage outlined in shimmery metallic colors as fashionable accents, everything has come to shock us out of our wits. Everyone was pretty puzzled by how viral the trend got but it lasted for a few months and has now ceased to exist (almost).

2. Armpit Hair Dye



So you were shocked about ear makeup and here we are, armpit make up. As feminism rose with an increase of intellect and awareness on Social Media, it was a given that it is indeed a woman’s choice as to what she does with her body hair- keep it or leave it and we agree as it should be the same for all. But dyeing them in colors, even more than 1 at a time was something that left us shell-shocked. I mean, does the dye not irritate your skin? It got this popular because The real starter of this ridiculous trend was the master of reinvention herself: Madonna. But we still don’t get it, do we?


1. Teeth Tattoos



The last and weirdest trend of all is something that even we couldn’t quite gulp down- Teeth tattoos- YES you heard it clear. There was a time that perfectly normal tattoos were considered unique and even caused your parents to shun you with endless arguments- but the world needs change and here we are. you have to be getting a cap or a crown placed on your tooth, because your teeth actually can’t hold ink; cough up 200 dollars and your new dental fixture can bare a permanent mark of your choice. The downside to teeth tattoos is that bad dietary habits can result in your pretty artwork being covered in plaque, but if you look at that from a different angle then at least it forces you to keep your teeth clean: that’s a smart investment but nevertheless- WEIRDEST make up trend ever!


We saw so many extremes people of this social-media-empowered world touched, or well, crossed the many fashion trends we can just roll our eyes on- since fashion is something ever-changing and well, surprising. But we should be careful that what may look inspiring on the runaway or your PC screen’s Pinterest, might cause many eye-rolls or well, self-criticism in the worst extremes in themselves. Maybe try it out, instagram it, remove it and go out just like you always do, or well, inspire the world and be the rebel you are because my fashion soldiers- To each, its own.


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