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10 weirdest jobs you must have never heard of

Have you wondered how you might be doing so many things that might just pay your bills if you just met the right person to actually cash you out for them? Like waiting in the line of a Black Friday sale for your girlfriend. We will let you know now that it is a real job and actually pays hefty money to people for yes- standing in a line. So here we are to enlighten you about the weirdest jobs in the world- from odor smellers to professional sleepers:

10) Parachute tester


Well, you heard it right. Parachutes are either recreational or well, they are the very emergency exits to disasters that might happen to us in the air, and they are very much required for your safe landing and this job is done to ensure your safety. Because well, somebody has to go first, right? Don’t freak out, this job isn’t that much different from test pilot or stunt man. Quite often, these people end up being soldiers testing military equipment. The good part about this job is the decent pay which is an easy $50,000 per annum, excluding the heavy insurance the injuries give the testers. (Yep, we don’t recommend this job to you fellas)

9) Bridge driver


You mustn’t have heard of the term Gephyrophobia, which is actually an anxiety disorder or well, phobia, characterized by fear of bridges. People getting affected by such a disorder might avoid travelling by bridges altogether. So, what about the times when the road to travel cannot avoid some bridges? Here we come in, the Bridge Drivers. This is actually a profession where you can simply call the required person or the service provider and well, they will drive over the bridge for you. It is almost as glorious as a fireman job.

8) Professional sleeper


The only thing that must’ve come to your mind after reading this is DREAM JOB AS HELL (if it doesn’t, you are not okay, person). Professional sleeping is indeed an occupation, as a hotel in Finland hired a member of staff as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test the comfort of their beds. And as obvious, the individual just has to sleep in a different bed of the hotel beds each night and writes a review about her satisfaction with each one. (WHERE DO WE APPLY!?!?)

7) Drying paint watcher


Well, no matter how dry and boring this job sounds, no matter how frustrated it will make you, drying paint watching is indeed a job. Keith Jackson, a married father of one, is one such person who actually earns a living watching paint dry. For more than 30 years, assessing the drying time of industrial paint is what he has been doing to make a living, and highlight of his day is simply touching the paint to assess its tackiness. It will make us cry even thinking about it. His official title is technical manager, and he has worked for industrial paint manufacturers AquaTec Coatings for the past four years. No matter how much we cringe thinking about it, his boss says that it is one of the most important jobs in the company. Talk about a motivating boss indeed.

6) Professional Mourner


Asia is a continent of serious religious diversity and traditions and one such deep routed tradition in South East Asia is a belief that a loud funeral will assist the dead as they travel to the afterlife. For the same purpose, professional mourners, yes, people who cry and wail and earn money for it, are hired to cry and weep loudly throughout the service, just in case people attending a funeral aren’t that sad because the deceased passed away (you don’t want them to not go to afterlife and come back as ghosts if you don’t like them, do you?).

5) Snake Milker:


Even the thought of it makes us shudder and thus, of course, this job is not for the light hearted. Please do not let your imagination go wild, because snakes don’t lactate. The job of a snake milker is to collect the venom of poisonous snakes. You then ask why even do that? The venom can lower your blood pressure, stop your heart, paralyze your muscles, cause internal bleeding, or kill living tissue. If you get bit you’re going to need an antidote. And this is where our snake-milkers prove to be our heroes as the venom of the snake goes into the antidotes. It is indeed a very dangerous but highly useful job and we should be happy that someone is brave enough to do it!

4) Dog food taster


Don’t deny that if you are a dog owner, you’ve at least once in your life, if not more, wondered about how the dog food actually tastes like. There are few people who do the same but the twist is that they won’t be rewarded with disgust and self-doubt but rather get paid for it! Don’t get disgusted away from them as the job apparently pays quite well. An entry level position in the quality department would typically pay about $30,000 a year, while an ‘experienced professional’ could draw up to $75,000. The dog food tester’s job is to taste new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat and biscuits. They do this to test for flavor and texture in comparison to rival dog food brands and human food. Hmm, tasty?

3) Odor Judge


Well, we have to give it to you, this sounds sick and disgusting on different levels. And well, as an odor tester you literally have to keep your nose down to the grindstone. To be honest, it isn’t as bad as it sounds, as it is a very sensitive and versatile job that is desirable to many companies. Dour Judges might test the effectiveness of a new deodorant, or try to make the headache-inducing fumes from nail polish a bit more pleasant. Other times, however, they could be making sure the latest eau de parfum from a fancy French fashion house hits all the right notes, that is, finding the target markets as per the smell of the perfume. It can be in the food industry too, as people can spend their days sniffing and adjusting microwaveable meals, hoping to make that frozen dish of macaroni and cheese smell tantalizingly homemade. So we hope the products hit the mark as ‘odor judges’ have to smell volunteers’ breath, feet and armpits, as if it goes otherwise, they might be dead for god’s sake.

2) People Pushers


The sound of it is something that gives an idea about a person who is involved in psychological aid services or simply a very shady hypnotist. But instead, this job literally means pushing people, physically. The subway and commuter rail system in Tokyo is so crowded that it is a study in mass transit-induced claustrophobia. Keeping in line with its highly efficient profile, it has to actually pack hoards of passenger into the trains in a way that is so crowded that sometimes the feet of some passengers don’t even touch the ground. This job is performed by the mentioned People Pushers or regionally known as the white-gloved Oshiya, or “pushers,” since the 1950s. The passengers are forcefully, if politely, shoved into the cars, careful not to catch any loose clothing or pinkie fingers in the closing doors. We know that this job is meant for public service but isn’t it the best for self satisfaction as you just have to stand there and literally push people around! Whatta stress buster.

1) Cow Fart Smeller


Without any doubt, this job deserves to be on the top as it is not only bizarre but also very, very disgusting. The professional fart-smellers are the people who have to smell the farts of the cow or in some worse scenarios, even the smell the poop they make. Don’t be disgusted yet, as the salary offered is quite lucrative for these individuals which are incomparable to even the top class software engineers in business. You ask how much, we will say a whopping $80,000 an year Sir, YES! It’s not a job that people do just for the kicks of it (come on humans haven’t touched that low a sickness, or have they?). There’s a practical reason why the cow fart needs to be smelled. It’s to find out whether the cows are eating the good food and being healthy and is a serious task in many cow farms, especially in the country where pragmatism trumps personal desires, China! Smell away you guys, smell away.

So yes, you read about many jobs that you might never think existed and there are still many that couldn’t make the list, like, virtual gold diggers, chicken sex determiners, worm-pickers, fortune cookie writers and even professional line standers. So guys, buck up, go out there find yourself a weird task to do and well, make money out of it!


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